Chapter III External Threat
Section I Threat on Universe
Section II Threat on Solar System
Section III Threat on Earth
Section IV Threat on Extraterrestrial Life
Section V Threats of Laws of Evolution
Chapter V Humanity and Threats
Section I Re-recognition of the External Threats
Section II The Weaknesses of Human Nature
Section III Re-recognition of the Internal Threat
Chapter VI Self-annihilation of Human Being
Section I Necessary Occurrence of Annihilating Measure No.1 Philosophy Assumption
Section II Necessary Occurrence of Annihilating Measures No.2 Deduction Based on the Existing Scientific Theories
Section III Necessary Occurrence of Annihilating Measures No.3 Scientific Theory Is Necessarily to Make Breakthrough
Section IV Extreme Measure is Necessarily to Be Used
Chapter VII Second Way for Human Being to Annihilate
Section I Extreme Measure Can’t Be Cancelled
Section II Involuntary Disaster
Section III Time for Human Being to Be Extinctive
Section IV Inspiration of Extra-terrestrial: Philosophic Deduction of Self Annihilation
Chapter VIII The Only Option to Save Humanity
Section I Understand and Treat with the Science and Technology Correctly
Section II Preconditions for Restriction of Development of Science and Technology
Section III Effort for Unitary Action of Humanity
Section IV Radical Choice-establishing of a Monolithic Society
Chapter IX Great Unification of Mankind Has Become Possible
Section I Governablility of the Greatly Unified Society
Section II Most Fundamental Reform with Smallest Resistance
Section III Rehearsal of the Greatly Unified Society
Chapter X Basic Thought on Great Unification Plan
Section I Measures and Procedures
Section II Three Principles
Section III Two Assumed Plans
Chapter XI Greatly Unified Society Consisting with Mankind's Ideal
Section I General Assumptions about Greatly Unified Society
Section II Some Specific Problems
Chapter XII Evaluation on Grand Unified Society
Section I Evaluation on the Human Beings' Value Realization
Section II Evaluation on the Justice of Social System
Chapter XIII Call for the Giant
Section I Responsibility of Ideologist and Politician
Section II Role of the Giant
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