Responsibility of one human being

                                                                 Liu Tingzhao

In the morning of 25th Apr 2009, 17th National Book Fair was opened in Chongqing. After hearing to first of open lecture given by Liu Bingjie who assume post of president of General Administration of Press and Publishing of the PRC, I hurried up to exhibition section of Tongxin Publishing House. After I sat down well, a hurried middle-aged man reached here and handed a thick book with big words on the surface: Saving Human Being.

“My name is Hu Jiaqi, author of Saving Human Being. This book is very important to me, it has cost me 28 years to finish it”. His light eyes were full of wisdom, quick words with dialect of Hunan were showing his strong passion, which could betray that his hot blood near boiling point were rushing in his chest.

The topic was our common concern, so we felt familiar near when communicating. Due to my work experiences of press and publishing for more than 30 years, I have sharp eyes and become modest and simple. So our chats were directly on the key problem and we talked further, while the ideological clashes and opinions resembling answering and replying were mixed:

What is the real cause for human being to be extinct? Do you really believe that there are extra-terrestrial?

Fruits of science and technology are sure not able to terminate Human Being, but the final realization of human being salvation is impossible to work without science and technology developments.

What is the relation between your mentioned “universal unification” to World Great Harmony depicted in Chinese ancient Confucianism and International described by Marx?

What differences are between the new society with in-competitive character and equal wealth which you advocated to 26 top world human leaders to construct to utopian socialism depicted by Owen and Fourier and Earth Village predicted by Marshall Mcluhan? And so on.

The wisdom inspired by answers and replies kindle excitements of each other again and again. We felt that we are matches in playing chess, meeting a bosom friends, so we talked a lot and eloquently.

Knowing that Mr. Hu Jiaqi came to Chongqing with his book intending to find the most suitable publishing house, I told him sincerely: Tongxin is not a famous small publishing house, I pursued him to go to other great ones to find chances, you have full rights to choose among publishing houses for you are the author. If you intended to publish here after comparison, you can come here in 14.00 o’clock afternoon.

In 14.00 o’clock, he came here as expected and decided that book of Saving Human Being would publish in our Tongxin Publishing House but he wanted that it would publish as soon as possible. I held the book of 800,000 words and promised that I would read it in 10 days and gave him opinion of amendments after Labor Day. 

In late dozen days this book was accompanying me whole days including days of Labor Day.

While my eyes are moving between the sentences, I felt that my body seemed to be floating among the universal spaces. With my eyes were light when turning over the pages, my soul seemed to be traveling in the time-spatial tunnel. “the rainbow becomes my cloth and wind my horse, the clouds come down from sky one by one, the drums are sounding and couches are busy going, and the deities are standing there like hemp trees”, this is the fairyland depicted by Lee Bai, ancient Chinese Deity Poet, which can be felt when reading relevant chapters about universe in book of Saving Human Being.

This book seems to have strong magnetic field, which can suddenly push you into the deep place of lithosphere to sent the roasting of hot magna; suddenly send you into the star clusters billion light-year far away from Earth to validate the systems of Universe and primary origins of Earth; suddenly squeeze you into the kernel of social cell to observe the most essential distillation of organizational structure of Human Being; and suddenly send you into the ancient time when Pan Gu produced the Earth and Sky and the dinosaurs dominated the whole world to testify the mystery of birth of ancestors of Human Being.

Geocentric theory, heliocentric theory, theory of continental drift, Darwinism, Malthusianism, general theory of relativity, Einstein Shift, Big Bang, Black Hole, Red Dwarf, Dark Material, Minoan Civilization, Alexander Anabasis, renaissance, industrial revolution, the Enlightenment, the Peace Treaty of Versailles, survival of Human Being, feeling of happiness, generational justice, disaster of Red Giant, Schwarzschild radius, threats of micro-black hole, Plane of the Ecliptic, wind from the Sun, interplanetary magnetic field, Extraterrestrial, universal paging, UFO puzzle, DNA, SARS, clone, time of cold weapons, world war, modern terrorism, harm of ozonosphere, Montreal Agreement, harm of global warming, acid rain, Ectopistes migratorius extinction, biological diversity agreement, unrenewable resources, land desertation, world desertation prevention and Day of Drought, population boom, Group of Eight, Bt-Transgenic biological toxin, internet, hacker, external threats, good and bad of human nature, strengthening effect of science and technology, self threats of Human Being, Manhattan project, Technological Key, Nano robot, superior genetic toxin, principle of circular breakthrough, principle of accelerated fission, National Society, vicious spiral, principles of “three strengthening” of extreme methods, philosophic conclusion of self-extinction, only choice of saving Human Being, disarmament, Day of United Nation, society of universal unification, political orders, laws of nations, globalization, central nations, comprehensive national strength, soft environments of unified society, principle of relaxation and expansion, brand new un-competitive society, single nation, compound nation, commonwealth, and so on.

There are too many knowledge and key words in book, they are collected in book along the main line of survival and fate of Human Being, and the natural sciences and social sciences are mixed here, while the whole contents involve fields of astronomy, geography, mathematics, chemistry, biology, environmental science, philosophy, ethics, history, politics, economy, society, religion etc. This book is really a trade edition of Chinese style and concentrated cyclopedia. Hu Jiaqi passed the admission examination for college with score of 99 percents (total score is 100 percent) in physics, he is really an expert in producing the knowledge pearl necklace. He uses the gold line of meticulous rational thinking to knit all pearls of high knowledge contents into strings of encyclopedic necklaces which are bright and dazzling with rings connected with each other. He can depict many profound scientific theories and abstract knowledge points with easy, living, humorous languages full of feelings and abstraction, as a result, this book can be attractive and easy to understand.

I believed in and practiced the ancient doctrine of “read thousands of books and travel ten thousands of miles”, and I was curious by my nature, and liked to ask questions. With the occupational advantages of journalist, I think that I’m learned with plentiful experiences. But after reading this thick book, I found that all memories and old stories from my life of over more than half century, esp. those information difficult to forget, doubts and suspicions resulting into sudden whims and frightening feeling seem to be able to find the origins in this book, like leaves able to depend on the trunks and roots of a tree. In addition, they are like drops of water and able to join into this word onrush of depicting the survival and developments of Human Being.

From the time when I was in childhood and looking up into the starry night to find  stars of Niulang and Zhinv, to time when we drank to worship Chang E in each day of Mid-autumn festival, from the abundant bloodstain of Roman abattoir, to the cold iron chains left in the rooms of slaves in western Africa; from experimentation place where Japanese armies made the germ weapons in northeastern China, to the mushroom clouds raising into sky from cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima; from the fossil of head bone of Beijing Ape-man in Zhoukoudian to bronze mask of vertical eyed people of San Xing Dui, form anti-Darwinism lab founded in Cambridge to the nebula picture of Big Bang taken by Hubble telescope exhibited in Greenwich, and so on.

Oh, what the insignificant and weak Human Being, what a pitiable and regrettable Human Being, while what the Human Being with great wisdom and abilities of behavior.

What has attracted me is those strings of encyclopedic pearls, while what has moved me so much is the grand and saint feeling of mission to care about the fate of human being in those sentences.

He with the concerns about the nation and people of this nation can be considered as one with great ambitions. However, the passions of the author of this book are more than loves to the nation and people of this nation; this is the great love to the whole human being beyond the boundaries of nations and nationalities. This kind of great love has exceeded the concerns about nation and people of this nation, so we can say that what he worries about is Human Being, Earth and sky, global world and even the Universe.

It is strange that how a common citizen living in Chinese Beijing, a common graduate, and a common entrepreneurs can produce this kind of great love and willingly take the task of saving Human Being as his own?

Each person will have his one opinion about life, society, world and future, but not all people can have such deep loves and saint feeling of mission. Human Being is comprised of each independent person; only the cooperated attempts of each independent person can undertake and complement the historical great task of saving Human Being.

As for a publisher or each person living on this planet, is there any topic greater, more urgent and more important than that of saving Human Being?

What has really shocked me is the harsh alarm to the dangerous place of whole Human Being: the shown peach and prosperity can’t conceal the survival crisis of human being like eggs which are piled up, what we are happily doing and talking about maybe the action of suicide like drinking the poisonous wine to satisfy the thirst. These remarkable, forceful and shocking alarms are not empty worries rather than objective realities. Confronted with the heavy topic of survival of Human Being, each person is sure to feel insignificant and shocking whatever a grand office or rich entrepreneur he is. This is like what a poem depicting:“ the person intending to raise into the top official will calm down after he watches the mountain, while the person busy working for his common life will forget to go back home after he say the valley”.(Wu Jun: Letter to Song Tuansi). The mountain and valley here refers to this book.

"Only after the whole human being is liberated can proletariate liberate themselves finally." This enlightening slogan prevailing in that time has been our guiding beacon and remembered deeply. As for the definition of proletariate, with the events of October Revolution wining the regime and the proletariate becoming ruler besides the desegregation of former Soviet Russian and eastern European group, with the Chinese reform and opening-up, economical developments and practices of national poverty removal and wealth production, the definition has new contents. With the spirit of developing with time, we should change this slogan into “only after we have liberated whole Human Being can we liberate ourselves finally.” Saving Human Being adopts abundant undisputable realities, researching fruits and scientific conclusion to tell us that if we failed to concern about the present survival realities of Human Being with rationality, to effectively improve various kinds of factors threatening the Human Being, to effectively adopt the revolutionary and global measures of self protection even self defense and treat Human Being well, it is possible that Human Being has been extinct before the day of liberation of whole Human Being. It is true that saving in more important and urgent than liberation.

China has joined WTO, which greatly boosts the unification of global economy and culture. Developments of modern science and technology, esp. the global converge of internet make the communication of world family very easy. So the old statements about opportunity and challenge in traditional significance have necessity to replace with new contents, which is to utilize the chance of structuring harmonious society and realizing world unification and meet the challenges of survival confronted by Human Being.

With strong and intense character of eating the peppery, the man and woman of Hunan province have the revolutionary potential, feeling of historic missions, grand verve of looking through whole world, deep deposit of extensive reading and the serious attitude of studying. These entire make Mr. Hu Jiaqi not only produce great topic of saving Human Being with heated passion, but also submit the idea of universally unified society after evaluation to the justice of social systems and realization of value of Human Being and give refined designs and scientific depiction to its basic structure and social and moral value standards.

A common individual person concerns about the whole Human Being and take the fate of whole Human Being as his own task, advocates and canvas for the realization of unified society, which can show that this kind of person is not common. His perseverance is sure to excite, while we should not ignore this kind of alarm.

It is true that each author and each book should have some limits and it impossible to be perfect, but as the general planner and publisher of book Saving Human Being, I seriously introduce this book to readers, I think you can at least get broad views and become tolerant after reading it, you can transfer from concerns about yourself to whole human being, from concerns bout present realities to the histories of 5000 years, and then you can break original narrow survival time-spatial radius, expand to whole China, whole world and even whole universe.

Showing the survival crisis to alarm the whole world, taking the business of saving Human Being as the saint responsibility, these are not the empty worries. The ancient people said: if one person can’t plan for thousands of years, he can’t plan business of short time; if he can’t plan whole businesses, he won’t plan things of one field. So each person living in present world should ask himself:

Sigh because of for the declined society, appraise of prosperous world, who can continue the long history?

Think about the ancient people and consider the later generations, what present people can do effectively?

Universally unified society proven and exhibited in book Saving Human Being can be considered as scientific and excellent ideal pursuance of present Human Being, a continuance of Chinese traditional idea of “World Great Harmony” and theory of scientific socialism of Marxism. On the basic of present world material civilization and spiritual civilization, this is an innovative idea of Great Harmony. I think that the day when the world of Great Harmony comes into birth is the very time when small Earth becomes perfect. Wiring till here, I have so many signs with emotion, so I write a poem of Ode of Great Harmony to show my mind, which is to follow the style of poem finished by Eugène Edine Pottier:

Up, brothers from whole world,

Up, people unwilling to fall,

The blood in whole chest is boiling,

We should fight for Great Harmony.

New world is full of fresh flowers and green water, lets go, my friends,

Never say that we are unable to do, we are all hosts of whole world.

This is saint war, we should unify till tomorrow,

Internationalism is sure to realize;

This is great fight, we should unify till tomorrow,

Internationalism is sure to realize.

After reading book Saving Human Being, I really benefit a lot from it, and then follow the requirements of Hu Jiaqi to write this essay about my experiences after reading this book, and show it as the foreword.

                                                                                                                                    June of  2007. In Beijing 

(Author of this foreword is general planner of Saving Human Being, publisher, president and general editor of Tongxin Publishing House of Beijing Newspaper Group besides superior journalist.)


Act as foreword

Letters to 26 leaders of human being


State president of People’s Republic of China; president of United States of America, Russia, France, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, North Korea, Pakistan, Turkey, Argentina, Iran, North Africa and Poland; premier of UK, Japan, India ,Germany, Canada, Italy, Australia, Spanish, Netherland and Sweden; general secretary of UN; king of Saudi Arabia.

Dear Sir,       

Both this letter and this book were finished with a kind of strong feeling of worry and misery.

Although I’m only 45 years old now, I have spent nearly 28 years to finish this book. In time of 28years, I almost devoted all my energies into the researches and writing of this book besides struggles for life. Among them, there are total 6 years for me to research and write only. This is because I firmly believe that the topic of this book relates greatly to the fortune and future of whole human being.

In such a boundless universe and immerse space full of stars, there are only few planets able to cultivate the life and even civilized life, while the blue planet on which we live is an outstanding one.

However, all things are doomed to come into birth and disappear. Though Earth has species of over ten millions, it covers not more than 1 percent of whole species which have existed, and most of species have been distinct. So human being is doomed to disappear too.

Extinction of any specie resulted from maladjustment to natural environment. Human being is the only intellectual life since the history of lives on Earth, presently we never need to meet the changing weather with naked bodies or fight with the dangerous beasts with our empty hands. Our foods depend on the inventive production rather than single production of Nature. Due to these, what kind of natural environment can’t we adapt to? Will people lead to a different extinction road? The dinosaur has survived 160 million years since it was too strong, but human being is much stronger than it, so how long can human being survive?

All my researches and thinking started from the problem of extinction of human being.

After completion of evolution, human being has a kind of creativity to boost imaginable changes of whole world. The change from primeval time to agricultural civilization was quick enough, but the accelerated one started from industrial revolution more than 200 years ago. In that time, people suddenly realized that the science and technology are crucial to the production of material wealth. So they began to devote all their passions into scientific researches and technological invention, and in such short time people multiplied uncountable times to the total wealth produced in former 50000 years since its evolution with the help of energies of science and technology.

However, science and technology is a kind of two-bladed sword, it may give people danger of extinction equal to amount of wealth people get from it, while the stronger it benefit human being, the bigger it has the abilities to destroy human being. In present day, an h-bomb has explosive strengths equal to TNT of 56 million tons, which means the total explosive strengths of high explosive loaded in a train which is as long as round Earth, so it can destroy a big city immediately. Hence, compared to the killing method in early time, science and technology has improved its destructive strengths over million times. However, the biological toxin altered from transgenic technology has even greater strengths to kill human being, while this kind of killing method can be produced by an expert biologist in his own lab. This can betray that the extinction method is transferring from group into individual, which is very terrible.

But a rational thinking tells us that this kind of destructive strength has not reached its peak. In middle time of 18 century when industrial revolution started, the level of human being in aspect of science and technology was almost none, and it spent only 200 years to reach present level. Human being can survive many such kind of 200 years, so compared to the past, present science has higher level to start and more investments with more advanced researching methods and measures, so it can be predicted that the strengths of science and technology can finally annihilate human being, this time is not to long, whenever it is thousand year or ten thousand year.

There were abnormal people or bravos intending to revenge whole society in any time of human society, they would try their best to find the most destructive methods and then used them without any hesitation. The extinction method will be their first choice once appearing, and sooner or later it will be available in such kind of persons. The extinction of human being doesn’t cover only this. Due to uncertainty of science and technology, humane society may result into chances of wrong uses and careless scientific experiments to its products after it has developed into some degrees, which may annihilate human being, just like wrong use of Freon resulting into spoiled ozonosphere and many careless scientific experiments having cause some people die. All these can tell us that when science and technology has developed for some degrees, human being annihilation will be inevitable and unavoidable, so we should limit science and technology to develop further so as to avoid it.

Of course, strengths of Nature can also annihilate human being, but series of researches have betrayed that it will cost ten billions of years for Nature to annihilate human being due to present defensive abilities of human being, while only several hundreds of years or even shorter for science and technology, so we can see that human being annihilation will result from suicide rather than homicide. Especially the fruits of science and technology are always gained casually, with the long future of human being, there will be more unexpected discoveries, and their accumulation may result into human being annihilation. So we should focus on limitation to developments of science and technology rather than itself as for the direction of accentuating the factors of human being annihilation, because it may be even much late for us to start now.

Serious limitation to developments of science and technology means not ignoring the positive effects of science and technology to human being or refusing the aspects of science and technology on benefiting human being. As for those affirmed safe and several favorable scientific issues, we should strengthen their developments, esp. those present safe and mature fruits of science and technology, we should broadly spread them into each region of whole world. If so, it is enough to support whole human being in aspects of dining and dressing. Due to this, we can advocate the serious limitation to developments of science and technology without much bad effects to material needs of human being. It is sure to result into some bad effects, but the whole survival of human being is beyond all other needs, so we are natural to sacrifice some thing of other aspects for the sake of counteraction to the danger of extinction.

It is impracticable to restrictively limit the developments of science and technology in present national countries. Human being has an inherent character, which is the constant combat, e.g. there are always the competition, contest and conflicts among any individuals and groups, while the whole world has many nations co-existing, and the supreme authority is Nation, so it is inevitable for different nations to compete with each other without restriction and even resort to wars. As a result, the beaten nation may end its country and relevant people. Nobody can ignore such high costs, even the extinction of whole human being, which is a conclusion after rational thinking of people. It is thing of all person and future. But the end of country and its people is the thing of oneself and present crisis, so it is a conclusion after simple thinking.

The key competition among nation in aspects of economy, military strengths or the comprehensive national strengths lies on the science and technology. Science and technology is the first productivity. So for the sake of national survival, no nation can give up the developments of science and technology. We should adopt the unified actions in global fields to limit the developments of science and technology, while any partial action will waste all previous efforts.

However, independent sovereignty and status of supreme authority of each country make it impossible to take the unified action with the present state of so many nations coexisting , even the international organization such as UN can’t do it since it is the strong nation that controls UN rather than opposite way. In order to realize such goal, we should unify all into one authority, which is the universal unification of whole human being.

It was a dream to realize the unification of whole human being before years of hundred or so, since the communication and transportation in that time made it very difficult to control a great nation. But it is feasible now, since modern communication, transportation and media measures have lessened the whole world into one “global village” , which can show that the hardware of technical conditions for whole human being to gain universal unification have been available, while the trend of globalization and appearance of international organization such as UN and old international leaguers betray that the whole world has the conscious or unconscious actions of going to unification and desires of governments of all nations to harmonize and unify the global actions in many aspects. All these are performing and accumulating the strengths to realize humane universal unification.

As a brand new social form different from old national society or any other kinds of societies, universally unified society has the inaugurating significance in history of human being, the original intention for me to submit such image in my researches is to avoid the extinction of human being due to the science and technology, for this relates to the most important value of human being, e.g. its survival. However, as the high intelligent and civilized specie, human being needs more value pursuance such as happiness and enjoyment etc than survival. As for foundation of a brand new society, this society should be based on the whole human being so that the values of whole human being will be optimized. This criterion is also for the ideal society of human being.

All the social systems such as political, economic, cultural and moral ones etc of universal unified society will be designed according to mentioned criterion. For example, the material wealth of present day is much plentiful than that of old day, but the feeling of happiness of present people is worse than people of old days. Some historians even said that it is worse than ancient people who stepped out their caves in paleolith time. This can show that the social systems of present humane world have the essential defects unsuitable to the ideals of human being.

In order to solve the mentioned problem, the universally unified society should focus on two key aspects: we should construct the universally unified society into an in-competitive one where people can become calm and friendly. A high competitive society will exert strong mental pressures to people, while the social security is poor, so people have poor feeling of happiness. And then the unified world authority is most suitable to weaken the social competition without the conflicts and competition among nations. In addition, we should build a society of equal wealth distribution, since the happiness results from comparison, so a society with too great gap of wealth is both unequal and most people are difficult to gain enough happiness feeling. So under the background of leadership of world authority, after present safe and mature fruits of science and technology are widely spread to each place of the world, due to the great differences of policies and technologies, the whole people can be guaranteed of the ample food and clothing under the state of equal wealth distribution.

Due to all the things mentioned above, we can see that in universally unified society the human being can gain popular feelings of security and happiness, so the universally unified society is especially suitable to build into one society with ideal principles rather than with the competition and conflicts. So a universally unified society is both one necessary for avoiding the human being from extinction and one ideal society for whole human being.

As a great career of most significance to whole human being, universal unification should implement according to most benefits of whole human being. I believe that universal unification career should implement with peaceful methods while its plans should meet the requirements of feasibility, validity and justice. Feasibility refers to that the adopted plans of universal unification should guarantee the smooth spreads of universal unification career, validity refers to that it meets the requirements of principle of law of nations, and justice to that we should guarantee the democracies and humane rights of people in each region and group in the world.

Hereby I produce two imaginative plans in my book. Since UN is on the central status of present international relations, so Chart of United Nation is on the central origin of law of nations; and UN is widely considered as the interim transformative system from international anarchy to world authority in humane society, so these two plans are oriented to businesses of UN.

Any great social reform needed early ideological preparation and bloody slaughters, the greater the social reform, the longer time the ideological preparation needed and greater the slaughters were. This was because all the former reforms had such kind of characters, which is that one party performing reform was in fatal fights with other party opposing the reform, what one party gained was just what the other party lost. So their fight is of life-and-death. The science and technology is sure to take human being into abyss of extinction, which needs the process of boosting the universal unification as fast as quickly, but can the implementation of career of universal unification do as this?

After serious analysis, we can see that the career of universal unification can prevent the human being from annihilating, which relates to the common benefits of whole human being; in addition, it can give common people the feelings of happiness and security etc. Furthermore, in the aspect of economic benefits, each group of human being gains more than they lose. Present rich nations have adopted a lot in the advanced science and technology, so they become rich; while the universally unified society will widely spread the safe and mature fruits of science and technology into the whole world, so each place in the world can be as rich as present rich nations, while the latter won’t lose due to this. Nation-society will spend a lot in military expenses due to the conflicts among nations, and each nation is independent with high management costs and trade costs. But after the human being is universally unified, all these costs and expenses are reduced to minimum, while the saved money will benefit each individual and group. Despite a great reform in history of whole human being, this social reform will meet comparatively small resistance since whole human being will comprehensively benefit from it.

He who loses most in the career of universal unification will be the political leaders of each middle and small-scaled nations, while he who gains most of big-scaled nations. Any changes of political domains are led by strengths of big nation, so the career of should be boosted by the big-scaled nation too. The leaders of big nations will be the banner-men while the leaders of small nations are hard to gain such kind of status. In the same time, the late universally unified society will have only one group of top leaders, which can only be gained by leaders of big nations, and the leaders of small nations are almost impossible to assume these posts.

So some leaders of middle-scaled and small-scaled nations who can’t attach most importance to the benefits of whole human being may oppose the career of universal unification, they are main opposed strengths to the career of universal unification, while the leaders of big nation are the most reliable strengths of career of universal unification. So I wrote this letter to the leaders of top 25 nations in this world besides the general secretary of UN(I have designed a set of method to calculate the national strengths in my research).

Time of great historic change is also one producing Giant. After my evaluation to the realization of survival values, happiness values of human being and the justice values of humane society in the universally unified society, I believe that the career of universal unification has unparalleled significance to human being, so is its greatness, and the appearing great leaders in this great career will be also unparalleled. They can be called as World Giant, who mostly appears in the political leaders of big nations.

Respected leader of each nation, we are in the eve of great change, this is an extremely emergent time and glorious time, since the fortune of human being relies on this. after efforts of our generation, whole humane society are mostly possible to take the most important steps to a universally unified society, our generation will be remembered by humane history for we are meritorious in saving human being. While among these meritorious people, there will be several World Giant, who are banner-men leading us to advancement to the universally unified society. These rare World Giants will appear among respected leaders. In contrary, if present state continues to go on, human being will become extinct soon, if so, we will feel sorry for our offspring and the grand universe which has bestowed the rare life and civilization to Earth; and the degree of being evil are hard to describe with words.

Dear leader of each nation, only you can choose to be World Giant or World Sinner. The fate of human being is up to you. Your unified action may save human being from crisis; your merits of preventing human being from annihilating will be shining in the historic records and remembered by our endless offspring. For the sake of continuous survival of human being, for the sake of happiness and comforts of our late offspring, I’m extremely keen to beg you to research on this most crucial and important problem calmly and then behave as quickly as possible.

                                                                                                           June of 2007, Beijing 

Four Conclusions from my Research


The sustained development of science and technology will definitely lead to the extinction of mankind. It means that no one can prevent it under the circumstances of scientific and technological advancement, and the extinction will be happen later in three to five hundred years, or sooner within one hundred years, great chances the latter one will come true.


To avoid human extinction, and guarantee the universal well-being, the mankind must go towards a great unification, the basic conditions for it has already been ready, but the mankind seems lacking common consensus, therefore, there should be a movement to waken people up as soon as possible to save the humanity.


The human society should have a universal standard which is called here the principle of maximum value, the firstly-ranked value is survival, the second is well-being, and other values respectively rank behind them. This principle takes the humanity as a whole into consideration and maximizes the realization of human value. It is the measurement for an ideal society, various values, social systems and human behaviors.


To create the future society of great unification into an ideal community that conforms to the principle of maximum value principle (a society capable of bringing overall security and universal well-being), is to make this world into an equally rich, peaceful and friendly society without fierce competition, a great unified society is the realization of the goal. 

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