Chapter XIII Call for the Giant

It is clarified that only the realization of grand unification of all human beings could avoid mankind extinction. And also the realization of grand unification of all human beings could realize mankind’s utmost values. Furthermore, there is not only the necessity for the realization of grand unification of all human beings but also the possibility for this.

Then, it needs the power of human beings to realize the revolution of human society. It is not only an unparalleled society revolution but also an immensely rational choice that the national society moves towards the grand unified society. The choice has unprecedented and profound significance. Facing such a great career, what power we should rely on to start up the wheel of history.

Section I Responsibility of Ideologist and Politician

Before any great society revolution, a thought movement occurs as foreshadowing. It is a process for thought arousal. Because people who could really see the history direction clearly are not the vast public at first but are a few ideologists who have deep thought on the human history. They are people who know and feel the history first. When all other people are still lost, they have already realized that it is time for history transition and the transition could be come true through some efforts.  

But only the power of ideologists can’t drive the history. And what moves the history directly is the public. On the contrary, the people are late to catch on. They dive into their work and life every day and have few careful study and thought on the development direction of history. The people may have feeling occasionally which can’t form system nor become the theory basis to guide their activities.

Once the theory arouses the people, the theory will become realistic power. The thought movement before the society revolution is the process in which the awakening ideologists’ mature thought and theory are publicized and transmitted widely. When the people accept and agree with the thought and determine to strive for it, a torrent of water which will change the history forms. New history will be created by the strength of people.

If the people are in a state of disunity that everyone goes his own way, they can’t promote the history. It is requested to unify with a single will and move towards a same goal if people want to form the power of driving the history. People advance and retreat in order according to the order of flag. And people will break away the obstacle of old world and create an entirely new epoch. Then the commander holding the flag is the political leader. Political leader is the organizer and leader of movement. The people won’t form the resultant force driving the history without the leaders’ efforts. Therefore, after the completion of ideologists’ elementary awakening tasks, the political leaders’ effect ascends to dominant position. Furthermore, the politicians are not only the leaders of people but also are the awakened people of thought.

We could find out clearly the ideologists and politicians’ great role during the development of world history. We know that the feudal theocracy ruled Europe for a thousand years in middle ages. In the rule of religion theocracy, there was no creativity in the world. And people were in a fatuous state. The Renaissance happened in the 14th Century took the revival of classical cultures as call and opportunity and started up a grand thought emancipation movement which was anti-feudal and anti-church theocracy with a lasting period of more than 200 years. The center of Renaissance was Italy. And the movement was expanded to other European countries such as Britain, France, Spain and Germany and produced profound influence. It was the thought emancipation movement promoted by the Renaissance that broke Europe away from the dark rule of feudal theocracy and guided the world to walk out the middle ages.

The Enlightenment Movement happened in the 17th and 18th Century was the second thought emancipation movement after the Renaissance in modern history. The center of the Enlightenment Movement was France. And the movement was extended to other areas in Europe and America and the whole world. The thought of freedom, equality, democracy and legal system publicized by the Enlightenment Movement drove the revolutionary movements in Europe and America directly and played huge effect on the American Revolution, French Revolution and democratic revolutions happened in all the countries in Europe. We could say that there was no early modern and modern democratic country if there was no Enlightenment Movement with a lasting period of over 100 years. 

It is well known that the first socialist country was founded along with the success of the Russian October Revolution in 1917. Since then, the socialism movement influenced half of the world and many countries established socialism regime one after another. However, the success of the October Revolution wasn’t accidental. The success was the result of long term prevalence of socialism thought and promotion of workers’ movements. The thought emancipation movement could be tracked back to the Utopian Socialism occurred in the 16th Century. In the 19th Century, Marx and F.Friedrich Engels established Marxism Theory after they summarized the experiences of international workers’ movements and summed up and refined the German classical philosophy, British classical political economy and French Utopian Socialism. The wide prevalence of Marxism was the precondition and basis for the success of socialism revolution.

There were many preeminent ideologists during every thought emancipation movement. For example, Dante Alighieri, Leonardo da vinci, Michelangelo, Raffaello Sanzio, William Shakesspeare and Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra during the Renaissance, Hugo Grotius, Thomas Hobbes, Mickey Rourke, CharlesLouis Montesquie, Francois Marie Voltaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau during the Enlightenment Movement and Marx and F.Friedrich Engels during the communism movement. It was exactly because their thoughts made powerful prelude for the future history development, the later social revolutions happened.

The same was true that many preeminent political leaders were emerged certainly during the important turning period in the history. For example, Washington in American Revolution and V.Lenin in Russian Socialism Revolution guided their people to realize ideologists’ dream and promoted the development of the history.

The progress of history was depended on great ideologists and politicians. An ideologist or politician with rationality and conscience should bear the historical responsibility bravely with no qualm and march forward courageously.

It is an important historical turning from the national society to the grand unified society in the human society. The changes occurred by this transition are greater than any time in the past, the same is true of its immense significance. As concerning the social morphology, all the previous revolutions changed one national form into another and never changed the essential content such as the social morphology in the country. Additionally, all the previous historical revolutions considered happiness which was the subject within the values scope as a flag to call for and goal to realize. For example, the goal of the Renaissance was to overthrow the rule of feudal theocracy and return freedom to the people and make people be real man. The delegate of feudal theocracy rule was church. To overthrow the rule of feudal theocracy was to deprive church’s right of befooling and governing the people in the name of god. It was for the sake of seeking for freedom for the people. Freedom is just within the scope of happiness value which is only the part of happiness. Therefore, the process of seeking for freedom is the process of seeking for happiness. Reversely, the deprivation of church’s sovereign power means the deprivation of the sovereign power of feudal church’s rulers. The sovereign power also belongs to the scope of happiness value and a part of happiness. The deprivation of their sovereign power is undoubtedly depriving a part of their happiness values. Therefore, it means that the ruled people’s request on happiness resists the detainment on fewer rulers’ detainment of happiness. The result is exchange happiness values with happiness values.

Here is another example. The Enlightenment Movement put forward the thought of freedom, equality, democracy and legal system. Its aim is to overthrow the rule of feudal autocratic monarchy and found a country with democracy and human rights. And it would seek for political equality and free human rights for the people. The same is true that human rights can only be brought into the scope of happiness values. When the people acquire human rights, the emperor who loses autocratic sovereign power loses his privilege. The privilege also belongs to the scope of happiness values. Therefore, the aim of the Enlightenment Movement is also to capture a part of happiness values of the feudal emperor to acquire the other part of happiness values of the people.

Another example is easily gotten: The communism movement considers establishing the socialist country with the dictatorship of the proletariat as the aim. That is to capture the regime of bourgeois and establish the regime of proletariat. If the regime is mastered by the bourgeois, the regime will serve for the bourgeois and seek for interests for the bourgeois. Thus, the regime is more advantageous for the bourgeois to acquire happiness values. But after the proletariat seizes the regime, the regime mastered by the proletariat will definitely seek for interests for the proletariat. The proletariat aims to acquire happiness values. Therefore, the aim of the communism movement is to capture a part of happiness values of the bourgeois to acquire a part of happiness values of the proletariat.

We could find out clearly from the above mentioned points that all the social revolutions in human history are to capture a part of happiness values of the ruler to acquire a part of happiness values of the ruled or to capture some happiness values of these people to acquire some happiness values of those people. Then, there are mass wars and a series of bloody slaughters along with such kind of social revolutions. Because when they exchange the happiness of a part of people with the happiness of other part of people, these two groups of people must have acute and life and death struggle. The part of happiness values acquired by any party means the part of happiness values lost by the other party.

The social revolution pursued by the grand unification career has essential difference from all the previous social revolutions. Perishing the country and founding the grand unified society are for the sake of human beings’ entirety existence. That means the society is to avoid human beings from extinction rather than the happiness of some people. (In fact, the grand unified society could completely and only it could bring in general happiness for the human beings which can’t be brought in by the national society. But the happiness is not the original intention of the grand unification career but just the by-products of the career). The values balance order of the grand unification career is to satisfy human beings’ happiness values as much as possible in the precondition of guaranteeing human’s existence. However, existence value is greater than the happiness value among the values aspiration of human beings. Secondly, the grand unification career concentrates on the entirety human beings rather than a certain part. And it never exchanges the values of some people for the values of another people. It is a simple truth that the entirety is more important than the part.

It is certain that the visual interests of a part of people will be damaged in the grand unification career. For example, a part of people may lose the power of governing other people. A part of people may lose their specifically excellent ground. And another part of people may suffer decrease of living level. But all the lost rights can only be brought into the scope of happiness values. They obtain the existence of human beings. Such existence may not mean the existence of himself but his offspring certainly. If we exchange existence with happiness, existence is more important. If we exchange the entirety existence with part happiness, the former is more important than the latter.

Because the grand unification career is the career of the whole mankind and the career which has the goal of guaranteeing human beings’ entirety existence, it is completely probably advocate and establish rational moral values to relieve the colliding emotion in people’s mind when the career has conflict with the local happiness. Therefore, it could realize the great goal of grand unification of all human beings with peaceful methods.

Then, in order to realize the goal, we must promote a great awakening movement firstly. We will change the previous inherent world view and value system thoroughly and make people be willing to accept the consolidation of countries and face the incoming of the grand unified society by the awakening movement.

The awakening movement should not only make people know the great significance of realization of world unification in avoidance of entirety destruction but also change the long term inherent concept from the below points: Replace the national interests concept by human interests concept; Replace the adoration on technology by the danger cognition of technology; Replace the discrimination concept of human groups by human’s general equality thought; Replace the hedonism of human beings by the thought of the entirety existence of human beings is above all. Meanwhile, we should publicize the important significance of the grand unified society in the realization of human beings’ values vigorously.

Then, we can’t ask the people to maintain rational at the important turning moment in the history. But we are reasonable to require politicians and ideologists with conscience keep rationality. Before the start-up of a great social revolution, the ideologists must influence all human beings with their rational thought. It is the process for thought awakening. The politicians must realize the dreams of ideologists with their leadership talents and guide people to realize historical transition finally. It is their duty-bound obligations.

Section II Role of the Giant

Section II Role of the Giant

People who make vigorous efforts to turn the situation at the important turning moment in the history could be called as great man. Great men’s achievements would be splendid in the history and handed down for thousands of years. Besides his personal talents and personality power, the naissance of great man is accompanied with important historical events, just as a Chinese saying goes “Times makes heroes”.

Great man never comes out in the times without historical billows. That is because how he shows his preeminence if he doesn’t have opportunity to make vigorous efforts to turn the situation. For example, if there was no Second World War and extremely valiant and guileful Adolf Hitler, there will be no such great men like Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Vissarrionovich Stalin and Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill. If they were just in a historical period without important events, they probably could only fulfill the normal responsibilities of an ordinary national leader and live their political life trivially and would be faceless in the history. However they caught up with historically great changes and came across powerful opponents. After experiencing life and death tough test, they led their people obtaining the success of anti-aggressive war and changed the world history. Therefore, they got success with their career. And their great reputation left a great record in the history.

What kind of people could be called as giants? Literally speaking, the giants must be greater than the great men. They must accomplish incredible and brilliant achievements that were unparalleled in the history. Reviewing the world history, how many people there could be called as giants?! 

After selecting from some acknowledged preeminent political leaders in the world history, there were some remarkable persons including Alexander, Asoka, Emperor Qin Shihuang, Emperor Hanwu, Caesar, Mohammed, Genghis Khan, Peter the Great, Washington, V.Lenin, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Vissarrionovich Stalin and Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill. They were recognized to be people who accomplished great achievements because their behavior played tremendous effects on the history. Their accomplishments could generally be divided into the following categories: 

1. Large-scaled subjection and less defeated more and ruled unprecedented territory. Alexander and Genghis Khan belonged to this kind of great men.

2. They carried out effective governing on politics, economy and military and reforms in domestic and started up mass subjection and occupancy externally. They established basis for their offspring’s stable administration and dilation, for example Caesar and Peter the Great.

3. Unify a divisive nation or large natural territory with path-breaking significance, such as Asoka, Emperor Qin Shihuang and Mohammed.

4. Establish a country with entirely new system which had a profound influence on the future, such as Washington and V.Lenin.

5. Defeat strong invaders and maintain the stability of the country or world, such as Emperor Hanwu and great men created in the Second World War including Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Vissarrionovich Stalin and Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill.

Thus it can be seen that there were three features with the achievements of the most outstanding political leaders in human history till now:

Firstly, all their achievements were concentrated on group interests, such as countries, nations and religions. The most common form was generally the national interests. Just as in the Second World War, if America which was far away from the European and Asian war centers didn’t feel threats to its national interests, Franklin Roosevelt wouldn’t dispatch troops. Alexander and Genghis Khan’s ceaseless subjection was to found an incredibly powerful country. Washington and V.Lenin wanted to set up a country with optimal political system. Asoka, Emperor Qin Shihuang, Emperor Hanwu, Caesar, Mohammed and Peter the Great were all for the sake of some group’s interests. Even if some great men in the history gained the achievements for the sake of their individual ambitions, the targets finally belonged to group interests.

Secondly, all their achievements were concentrated on the subject of happiness. Take the outstanding persons with feature of expansion and subjection in the history for example, as political leaders; they extended their ruling scope mainly for the sake of satisfying their subjection desire rather than their existence. Because the way they existed wasn’t a problem for them as the ruler of a powerful country. They were willing to expand their ruling area or satisfy their subjection desire which were a kind happiness pursuit for them.

Concerned the preeminent political leaders that resisted the aggressive ears, they didn’t wish that people in his country or in other countries suffered from oppression and exploitation if they considered people’s interests as starting point. They were not willing to be conquered people. The so-called under compression and exploitation or being conquered people all belonged to the scope of happiness values. And the individual desires of these leaders belonged to the scope of happiness values certainly. The accomplished achievements concentrating on the purpose of establishing an entirely new political system had a subject of happiness because an excellent political system was relevant to the content of people’s happiness.

Thirdly, the achievements of all preeminent politicians couldn’t be separated from wars. Furthermore, the aims of their activities were all exchanging some happiness values of one party for some happiness values of the other party. It was because of the features of the national society. When a country grows strong, it would like to conquer externally. Then war breaks out. When a country suffers from the invasion of formidable enemy, it will adopt war to carry out forceful counteraction. When a country wants to found a new political system, it should deprive the rule right and happiness of some other people. And it will adopt war. There are mass personnel casualties along with wars. Consequently, it costs the deprivation of many people’s existence rights to accomplish the achievements of preeminent great men.

Meanwhile, the result of war is to exchange the happiness of some people for the happiness of other people certainly. That is because any party is just for the sake of acquiring some happiness values when it starts up war. When a party acquires the part of happiness values, it means the other party will lose the corresponding part of happiness values.

People always say it is all for the sake of nation’s existence. The saying isn’t exact really. Generally speaking, the nation in which the people achieving excellent accomplishments belong to always is powerful nation. The nation couldn’t suffer from the threat of slaughter of the entire nation or most of people. Even if it is occupied and conquered by the invader, it just means the nation will be enslaved by foreign nations but not race extinction concerning existence. The situation involving race extinction just aims at some smaller nations in which historical giants won’t present. There were exactly only 1,000,000 people in Genghis Khan’s Mongolia Nation. But his subjection was unprecedented. When he conquered other nations, he didn’t suffer from the threat of race existence. That is to say he carried out subjection not because the existence of his nation suffered from threat but because of some satisfaction.

The transition of national society to the grand unified society is unprecedented huge social revolution in human history. The huge social revolution requires the leadership and guidance of historical giants. And there must be giants that lead and guide the development of human history which is a necessary phenomenon in any great history turning. Only the combination of history giants and history laws could produce immense historical transition. The two aspects are both indispensable.   

Then what kind of history giants will present during the transition process of national society to the grand unified society. If we carry out corresponding narration by combining the features of this revolution and the above analysis, we could find out clearly that the historical transition of national society to the grand unified society has essentially different features with those of all the previous historical revolutions.

Firstly, all the past historical revolutions concentrated on the group interests such as country, nation and religion. But the historical revolution concentrates on the human beings’ entirety interests. Its interests scope is unparalleled by a group or some groups.

Secondly, all the past revolutions concentrated on the value target of happiness which was the happiness values within the group scope. But the revolution concentrates on the existence value which is the entirety existence of the human beings. Among the values of human beings, the existence value is higher than happiness value. Comparing with the happiness within the group scope, the entirety existence of human beings has the weight of absolute advantage.

Thirdly, all the past great revolutions were realized in slaughtering form of war. And no matter what the war is just or not, it all indicated to exchange a part of happiness values of some people for a part of happiness values of other people. But the revolution considers human beings’ entirety existence as its goal and will realize the goal by using peaceful way. Furthermore, although the original intention of realizing the grand unification is for the sake of human existence, it can’t be achieved by the national country in the aspect of full realization of human’s happiness values and other values in the grand unified society. In fact, the grand unified society is an ideal society morphology which conforms to the principle of maximum values.

Because of the above mentioned reasons, we are completely sure that the replacement of national society by the grand unified society has greatest significance on the entire human beings than any historical turning in human history. The transition of national society to the grand unified society will probably adopt the peaceful way to realize which strengthens the entirety justice of the transition.

If there were great men produced in human history, this historical transition will produce giants certainly. If there were giants produced in human history, this historical transition will produce unprecedented giants certainly. Concretely comparing, if the record-breaking Second World War creates great men such as Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Vissarrionovich Stalin and Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, the great men created in this grand historical revolution will realize greater historical achievements than the former. And their achievements’ weight is even incomparable. Therefore, the great significance of the transition of national society to the grand unified society is incomparable by any historical revolution. The distance is difficult to be expressed with words.

Although country is the supreme power in national society, not all of the countries have the capability of mastering the world. Only fewer large countries could promote the history. The grand unification career undoubtedly relies on the strength promotion of large countries, especially the power of political leaders in large countries.

It is well known that the threat on human beings’ entirety existence brought by technology development increases with the time goes. The urgency of the transition of national society to the grand unified society becomes more and more obvious. The realization of early transition could relieve the existence threat for human beings greatly. In the situation that we possess of all the objective situations driving the grand unification process, it is time for the start-up of the wheel of history. We don’t expect that every people have rationality, consciousness and capability. But we could repose our hope to the leaders of large countries. The human beings require their salvation. And their wisdom is sufficient for them make intelligent choice for themselves. Their uniform actions could master the history process to a large extent.

It is the times which could produce unprecedented giant. Such a great career requires the drive of giant. The political leaders of large countries who are evasive and disregardful at the historically key moment will be the sinner in the history. If the leaders could come out boldly and bear the heavy burden of the history, their unprecedented achievements in rescuing human beings will be recorded in the history. And our offspring will remember their merits and virtues forever.

For the sake of human beings’ circle of life and our offspring’s happiness and peace, the history calls for the giant.

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