Chapter XII Evaluation on Grand Unified Society

It is advantageous for us to recognize a problem by carrying out evaluation on grand unified society. The problem is the significance of realizing human beings’ grand unification and if it is worthy that we take upon ourselves abandoning national society and moving towards grand unified society.

Social morphology belongs to the category of social system. And people should apply the principle of greatest value to carry out the assessment on social system. That means by viewing from the point of whole human to verify if the social system is good for maximum people to acquire maximum value realization. Two kinds of methods could be adopted for the research on the evaluation on grand unified society. The first method is directly carrying out comprehensive assessment on the realization degree of human beings’ values especially the major value (including existence and happiness) of human beings in the grand unified society. The second method is to draw the corresponding conclusion indirectly by carrying out all-around assessment on the justice of social system in the grand unified society and comparing this with that in national society. The chapter adopts two different methods respectively to do research on the role of grand unified society on human beings’ value realization as follows.

Section I Evaluation on the Human Beings' Value Realization

I. Significance of Human Being Existence

Human Beings' existence is the foundation of all their values which is more important than any other values. If human beings don’t exist, there is no way to mention other values of human beings. Then the significance of grand unified society to human existence could be narrated from the following points:

 (I) Relieve Entirety Existence Crisis

Technology is a double-edged sword which could benefit the human beings on one hand. And on the other hand, it brings tremendous destruction to human beings as well. As long as technology develops in this way, the destruction could finally annihilate human beings which will happens before long.

We should confine the technology to develop towards superior class in order to avoid human extinction. However, it can’t realize limitation on the development of technology in the national society where there are many countries exist together. Only if human unification comes true, we could probably realize the goal of relieving human beings’ entirety existence crisis by making use of the power of world regimes and taking uniform actions in the global.

We know that existence ranks first among human beings’ values. Moreover, the human integer is most important. Therefore, the entirety existence of human beings is above all. Then just from the point that the grand unified society could release human beings from entirety existence, the grand unified society plays matchless role to human beings’ values. It is the reason for that we put forward using grand unified society to replace national society. The core of all the tenets of grand unified society also rests here. As because the grand unified society is able to relieve the entirety existence crisis of human beings, the summation of all values in national society is unimportant by comparing with this.

 (II) Relieve Group and Individual’s Existence Crisis

By analyzing the human society, the major sources causing group existence crisis are wars and large-scale terrorism criminals while the major sources causing individual existence crisis are ordinary criminal slaughters.

There are mainly four aspects of sources for causing wars in history: firstly, wars break out due to the hostility between countries which take up highest proportion and cause greatest personnel casualty. Secondly, wars break out due to the hostility between nations. Thirdly, wars break out due to religious hostility. There are not only kill among armies but also large amount of cases killing common people during these three kinds of wars. That is all because that the people aiming at other countries and nations and the believers of other religious are enemies in the state of wars.

The fourth kind of main root of war is the civil war for scrambling for dominion. The civil war includes three kinds of forms: the country civil war capturing supreme administrative dominion; the nation civil war seizing nationality predominant power and the religious civil war snatching up religion predominant power. Such kind of war is generally the war between armies which is with fewer behavior of slaughtering civilians on purpose. It is because the target of civil war is very obvious which is to capture dominion and acquire the dominance on human. If the army slaughters civilian deliberately, the army will lose the support of people which is same as bringing ruin upon oneself.  

Next is the criminal slaughter. The criminal slaughter with largest scale is also the criminal slaughter with maximum danger at the same time which is the terrorism attack caused by national and religious hatred. When a nationality or religion group has inveterate hatred towards another nationality or religious group but has no ability or is impossible to start a war, it will choose the method of terrorism raid to slaughter the other side. There is also another kind of criminal slaughter which is mainly caused by the discontentment on the society, or hatred towards individual or murder for gain. At this moment, such kind of criminal slaughter seems like less dangerous than the previous one. It is because this kind of criminal slaughter is always the behavior of an individual or fewer people while the previous terrorism raid is always with organization which could bring mass casualty and great shock to the society.

If the counties die out in the grand unified society, the world regime will be the exclusive supreme power. Therefore, the antagonism between supreme power bodies will disappear along with the disappearance of countries. The grand unified society will realize national integration and the concept of “One human being in the global only”. If nationalities vanish, the national opposition occurred due to different nationalities will also disappear. The grand unified society will realize religious integration which will possibly cause two results: one result is no religion any more in the world. The other result is there is a uniform religion in the global after a period of time. The lowest standard is to achieve the goal of eliminate religion extremism. As a result of inexistence of religion or the uniqueness of religion, the resistance between different religions will also disappear.

Thus, here are the following results: firstly, the national wars which occur frequently and cause maximum casualty and damage disappear. Secondly, the nationality wars which primarily aim at the civilian and cause great casualty disappear. Thirdly, there is no religious war any longer. Then, the factor of civil war only exists among the four kinds of major war sources. There are three major factors causing civil war which includes the civil war aiming at capturing supreme administrative leadership; the civil war aiming at capturing the nationality dominant power and the civil war aiming at capturing the religious leadership. The latter two factors among these three don’t exist along with the integration and disappearance of nationality and religion. Therefore, there is only a possibility of the civil war aiming at capturing supreme administrative leadership.

It is known that if a kind of regime can’t be alternated in a democratic and ordinal way, the regime can only be captured by arms. Then, judging from the present political values at least, it is certain that the grand unified society won’t establish an autocratic or hereditary regime. Moreover, it isn’t difficult to build a democratic regime with ordinal supersession as concerning the current political wisdom of the human beings. Therefore, the factor of war aiming at capturing supreme administrative leadership could also be lowered to a minimum degree due to the scientific design of political system. In addition, the cruelty of civil war is smaller than the other types of wars and it generally doesn’t aim at the civilian.

Next is the status of the criminal slaughter. We know that it is the terrorism attach caused by national and religious hatred that with largest scale, greatest casualty, strict organization and maximum danger. Then, such kind of terrorism attack will disappear naturally in the grand unified society along with the integration and disappearance of nationality and religion.

Besides, the criminal slaughter which is caused by the discontentment on the society, or hatred towards individual or designs against other people’s money exists in the grand unified society certainly. This kind of criminal slaughter is generally done by individual without organization. And its destruction scale and harmfulness is less than the former one. Furthermore, such kind of criminal slaughter in grand unified society will also be less than that in the national society. Here are the following reasons:

Firstly, because of the inherent competition and opposition between countries, the moral values advocated by the national society always emphasize braveness, adventure, revenge and innovation. This kind of values will make people restless and take a risk. People will have the impulse of criminal slaughter once there is inappropriate direction. But the grand unified society takes non-competition society as its entire development direction and advocates values of moderation and friendship. Moderation could make people peaceful and friendship could resolve the contradiction. The society educates people based on the thought of moderation and friendship, the social conflict and criminal slaughter will definitely be much fewer.   

Secondly, there is an extreme disparity between the rich and the poor in the national society. Furthermore, the development of technology aggravates the gap. The striking gap between the rich and the poor will certainly result in psychological imbalance of people. There are a large number of criminal slaughters caused by the mentality of miso-affluence or discrimination against poor people. And the grand unified society adopts the policy of even wealth. The gap will become smaller along with the restriction on technological development and wide spread of current safe and mature technological achievements. Therefore, the criminal slaughter caused by the disparity between the rich and the poor will decrease remarkably.

Thirdly, along with the wide spread use of current safe and mature technology in the global, the wealth created by the grand unified society is enough for guaranteeing the universal ample food and clothing for all the mankind. With the proposal of life concept such as medium pay, medium gain, thrifty living and with surplus, people’s living goal could be achieved basically under the circumstance of a certain pay and the criminals who risk danger to murder for money will reduce greatly.

Fourthly, with the disappearance of the hostility between countries, nationalities and religions in the grand unified society, the world regime will measure all things standing from all mankind’ point of view, it will restrict individuals to possess guns and control other possible available means by the criminals for the sake of stability of all the human beings. Thus, the criminals will lose many qualifications for criminal slaughters. At least, the terrorism attack which could cause mass casualty will become fewer.

Thus it can be seen that the grand unified society will decrease wars and the persistent disease-criminal slaughters remarkably which obsess human beings and endanger the existence of human group and individuals for such a long term.

 (III) Solve Generation Existence Crisis

Various kinds of environmental problems, energy problems and population problems faced by us currently are issues that decide whether human society could develop in a sustainable way. The problems not only determine whether our offspring could exist on the earth but also determine whether our offspring could live happily on the earth. That is to say these issues are the issues about existence values and also about happiness values for our offspring. For the convenience of narration, we bring these issues into the content of generation existence uniformly.

It is well known that we face serious environmental issues, resource issues and population issues. The application of Freon results in destruction of ozonosphere. The emission of greenhouse gas causes global warming. The emission of acid gas, mass industrial production and use of industrial product leads acid rain and other air pollutions. The excessive land use and destruction of forest, grassland and marsh causes land desertification and loss of biological diversity. Severe industrial and agricultural pollution and explosive growth of population result in crisis of water resources. Furthermore the excessive exploitation of non-renewable resources will make the non-renewable resources confront with depletion generally and there is no resource for the human beings to use in the future. Therefore, the crisis of generation existence is apparent. It has direct relationship with the national society that the series of problems can’t be solved effectively.    

1. The supreme power in national society is country. And the national leader’s interest thought must think of his native interest firstly. Then, he will think over the human beings’ interest. This is why we have already realized many human beings’ crises well and the UN and its relevant international organizations also harmonize each party’s stand. But once every party studies to decide the scheme to solve specific problem, they will bargain and hold endless discussion without decision, and decision without implementation which makes the obvious crisis not only can’t be solved in time but also becomes worse and worse.

2. Viewing from the long history of national society, the competition between countries is extremely cruel. A war results in mass casualty. And the losers suffer from insult and are brutally slaughtered. Therefore, nobody dares to fall behind in the competition between countries. In the life-and-death opposed atmosphere, the country doesn’t consider whether its adoptive competition means are harmful to the offspring at all. The country cares nothing as long as the way can strengthen its competitive strength. 

As a result of nation diversification, the comparison occurs naturally between countries. When the national leader finds the distance between the native and other countries, he will try his best to seek measures for chase. Furthermore, people from different countries will compare. If they find they live worse than the people in neighbor or their living level maintains same when that of the people in neighbor improves, they will be dissatisfactory on their government. This kind of dissatisfaction will produce threaten to the continual reign of the government after developing to a certain degree. This is what the ruler greatly scared.

In order to avoid the above mentioned situations, if the country can’t catch up with other countries in legitimate ways, the country’s leader will take unconventional and non-scientific developing method such as excessive exploitation of non-renewable resources, the excessive land use and denudation of forest. Therefore, it will certainly cause exhaustion of resources, land desertification, forest destruction, water and soil erosion and loss of biological diversity etc.

3. Because every country in national society is independent from each other and implement following its own policy, the governing level of every country is uneven. And the great gap in the application of technology results in large difference between the productivity levels of different countries. Therefore, it causes great disparity between the rich and the poor which is without precedent in the history in the world today.

The problems brought by large disparity between the rich and the poor are in series, such as population explosion, land desertification, resources issues and environment issues etc. These problems all have direct or indirect relationship with the large disparity between the rich and the poor.

The fundamental difference in the social morphology features of the grand unified society could solve the above mentioned problems in large extent. And even some crises could be cured completely.

1. The world regime in the grand unified society is unique. The regime originates from the will of the whole human being but not from any local. The responsibility scope borne by regime is the entire world but not any local. Thus, all the interests measured by the regime are concentrated on the human entirety completely but not any local. All the matters being inconsistent with the entirety interests of the mankind could be banned firmly without any trouble back at home. 

It is certain that every area develops in its own way. This kind of regional interest will also endanger the entirety interests and long-term interests of the mankind. But once the circumstance is discovered, the world regime which possesses of a series of powerful means including army, police and court will be perfectly capable of performing effective determent.

2. The uniqueness of the supreme power in the grand unified society will make the hostility among the diversified supreme power bodies in the national society disappear. The possible nation war due to nation opposition will also disappear at the same time. Therefore, the world regime, as the unique supreme power in the grand unified society, will make the insecurity and fear on possible defeat during the opposed wars between countries in national society disappear all together. And the mentality of taking any malfeasant action will also disappear along with the disappearance of the mentality worrying about defeat of nation war.

The uniqueness of the supreme power in the grand unified society will make the state of mutual competition and comparison between countries disappear in national society disappear as well. The mentality of scaring of lag and developing economy by sacrificing the offspring’s interests due to the competition and comparison will also disappear. At the same time, the possibility of causing people’s discontentment and performing pressure over the government due to such kind of competition and comparison will also disappear.

Therefore, the world regime has the qualification of governing the mankind society in a scientific, rational and sequential way from the point of maintaining the mankind’s entirety interests really in a gentle mentality. Consequently, the world regime makes the starting point of all decisions be established in human beings’ long-term interests, overall interests and fundamental interests. The behavior of harming the offspring’s interests by only considering the short-term interests will be relieved greatly.

3. The global uniform governing in the grand unified society won’t produce great disparity between the rich and the poor. Furthermore, the grand unified society also implements even-wealth policy and promote the currently safe and mature technology for application widely. The grand unified society could completely guarantee the entire mankind to live an affluent life.

Then along with the improvement of education level and perfection of social security system, the global population will be controlled effectively. Thus, the relevant series of issues concerning with the sustainable development of the mankind society such as resource and environment will all be relieved greatly. The existence and happiness values of our offspring will all acquire corresponding guarantee. Consequently, the generation existence crisis will obtain remarkable solution.

II. The Significance on Human Beings’ Happiness

Happiness, a kind of emotion, is the mildness and satisfaction of soul. Happiness requires basic living conditions, personal security, equality and freedom of life and healthy body as well. Comparing with national society, is the pain brought by the grand unified society more than the happiness or the happiness more than the pain? The answers about these questions are inspection on the significance of mankind’s happiness values in the grand unified society.

(I) Easiest and Happy Life

Due to the competition and hostility between countries in the national society, all the people are put stamp on the war wagon of countries. The world develops rapidly. All the people are in the competitive atmosphere with intense tension. Although people could acquire some creature comfort, it can’t replace the mental blues caused by psychological stress in the atmosphere with fierce competition. In fact, mental depression has already been a common modern disease.

A person strives not only for the sake of acquiring material wealth but also for obtaining happy life. But the fact tells us that people can’t gain happiness but receive pain when they acquire material wealth in the atmosphere with fierce competition.

In order to keep up with the pace of times and earn money for the family’s living, everyone should study and renew his knowledge constantly. Every people should seek for innovation and move forward always just like pursuing a war wagon running forward day and night. The life of human beings is very hard and tired. And people could gain some material wealth. But the occurred pressure and pain are much more than the happiness.

In the grand unified society, the competition and hostility between countries vanish due to the disappearance of countries. It creates conditions for establishing a non-competitive society. Therefore, people could escape from the war wagon of countries. The grand unified society commits itself to create gentle and friendly social environment and restrict the development of technology strictly. And then the pressure of continual renovation with knowledge disappears. The pressure of continual technological innovation disappears. The fierce competing pressure disappears. Thus, the grand unified society is an easiest society.

The grand unified society carries out restrictions on the development of technology which doesn’t mean repulsing the application of technology. On the contrary, the society promotes the currently safe, mature and reliable technological achievements for application widely. The technology develops with imbalance in the national society. Some countries have applied the most advanced technology while others still adopt the most original method for production. If the society could spread currently safe and reliable technological results to every place in the world in a comprehensive way, it could bring extremely affluent life for the human beings. Furthermore, the distribution of wealth will become more equal. Consequently, the general happiness degree of the mankind will be improved remarkably only by the measuring index of material wealth.

Meanwhile, the military expenditure will decrease greatly due to the disappearance of national hostility. If the society applies the military expenditure to the improve people’s living, it will further guarantee that the whole world won’t be in poverty any more.

Additionally, there is a set of supreme power organization for every country in the national society. It costs a lot to maintain the operation of the organization. But there is only one set of supreme power organization in the grand unified society. Therefore, the government expenditure will reduce remarkably. And the saving expense could also be used for the improvement of people’s living.

The grand unified society will integrate the global together. The global economy communication cost will decrease correspondingly. Issues of transportation expenses increase and the enterprise overhead expenses due to national factors will all disappear. Meanwhile, various kinds of tariff and tariff barrier will also be cancelled gradually. Thus, the enterprises’ benefits will be improved correspondingly. And the improvement of people’s living level will benefit from it.

Therefore, the grand unified society could completely realize people obtain employment completely, have ample food and clothing and live happily in a comfortable environment.

 (II) Life with Contented Soul

The life happiness depends on the contentment of soul. And the contentment of soul is acquired through the pursuit of hope and comparison with the surrounding environment. This kind of comparison mainly means the comparison with the surrounding crowd and people’s past life. When a person think there is no great distance or with some progresses and advantages by the comparison, he will feel satisfied.

In a society with rapid development, it is certainly along with enormous pressure and pain if people want to acquire contentment of soul. That is because when all the people exert their utmost strength to run forward, what you can do is trying your best to run forward. When you do all you could but fail to catch up with other people or lag behind when you do your best, you must feel painful and lost. Maybe you will surpass other people one day, you obtain some contentment temporarily. But you can’t stop because other people still go on running forward. As long as you slack off slightly, you will be surpassed by other people. The social pressure will always go with your life. It is difficult to acquire happiness by viewing your lifetime. Therefore, we always hear the surrounding friends sigh that the living pressure is so large and the life is so painstaking.

A society which is unequal between the rich and the poor isn’t a society that could make most people acquire contentment of soul. It is because that the affluence of the minority and the poverty of the majority must coexist in the society with large gap between the rich and the poor. The national society is just such society.

The grand unified society changes the status greatly. As a result of its restriction on technology, the world will enter into a stable development period. The technology doesn’t need innovation and development any longer. Standing from the grand unified society in the future and reviewing the human beings at the times, we will find their forefathers have finished the innovation and invention of technology and they are only the people who enjoy technology.

The grand unified society will be a world with even-wealth. The mental imbalance caused by immense living disparity vanishes. Furthermore, the values advocated by the grand unified society is to consider medium pay, medium gain, thrifty living and with surplus as a kind of living concept to advocate and regard the concept as the happy ideal in life. In fact, the mankind society will be able to realize surplus with material certainly because the society promotes mature and safe technology achievements generally. Then, a person who is always with surplus and thrifty with living will feel the satisfaction of soul naturally and easily. Thus, the grand unified society will be a society where people could feel satisfactory commonly, study, work and live comfortably.

 (III) Mild and Hopeful Life

The grand unified society considers establishing non-competitive society as its entire development direction and regards mildness and friendship as its general social objective. And the fundamental features of the grand unified society also create excellent qualifications for it. There is no fierce competition and no fanatical social emotion. People live in peace. Everyone looks friendly. And the entire society is very gentle. This point can’t be realized in the national society because the country which is always in the status of competition and opposition may not advocate the mild living way and the society with rapidly developing technology also can’t calm down human being’s soul.

However, the circumstances in the grand unified society change completely. The conditions of restriction in technology, disappearance of countries and the reduction of disparity between the rich and the poor are all social basis for advocating mild and friendly life. Meanwhile, it is easy for people to realize the life objective of medium pay, medium gain, thrifty living and with surplus which also becomes the advantageous qualification for people’s mild mentality and powerful guarantee of life hope.

What the mild and friendly life opposes is fanaticism and adventure and ceaseless competition and opposition. However, people neither have no pursuit nor no expectation towards life in peaceful life. Quietness and simplicity is a kind of pursuit. The affection towards the peaceful life in country is also a kind of pursuit. The objective of medium pay, medium gain, thrifty living and with surplus is a kind of expectation and hope over life. It is life pursuit to acquiring life pleasure and happiness with such kind of expectation. This kind of pursuit could be realized in an easiest atmosphere. And the life hope is also acquired in such kind of atmosphere.

 (IV) Stable and Peaceful Life

The opposed factors will decrease greatly in the grand unified society due to the disappearance of countries and integration of nations and religions. The establishment of mild and friendly social objective and the advocacy of its supplementary series of moral values make the social conflicts relieved remarkably. Along with the general promotion of safe and mature technology in the global, the life concept advocated in the grand unified society could be realized easily. Therefore, people’s criminal consciousness will decrease greatly. The grand unified society implements uniform administration in the global. The world regime considers the entire mankind’s interests as the unique standard. The factors affecting the social stability will be released gradually. Then, the grand unified society will become a society with fewer wars and fewer crimes. People will live in a stable and peaceful environment which can’t be realized in the national society.

One of the preconditions of achieving life happiness is the sense of security. It is impossible for a person to feel happy if he faces terrorism attack, slaughter, robbery and theft. The grand unified society brings human beings into a peaceful and stable society by eliminating the substantiality of various war and criminal factors. In such kind of society, people enjoy unprecedented sense of security. 

 (V) Healthy and Long Life

The unbalanced governing, great gap between the rich and the poor, frequent wars, terrorism attack and social crimes in the national society result in extreme difference in the healthy status of people and average lifetime as well among countries.

The grand unified society adopts policy of even-wealth and promotes currently safe and mature technology to every area in the world. Therefore, the society will eliminate poverty entirely. Meanwhile, along with the wide popularization and promotion of medical technology, the medical treatment level in every place will achieve a basically consistent degree in the grand unified society which is also the highest level under that condition.

In addition, the social phenomena of harming the mankind’s health and life such as war and criminal slaughter will certainly decrease extremely in the grand unified society. All will be the hope and gospel of human health which will create corresponding conditions for the longevity of human beings.

It could be predicted that the average lifetime in the grand unified society will generally achieve and slightly surpass the original level in developed countries. That is because the developed countries also adopt the supreme medical treatment achievement at that time and the achievement could be promoted and applied generally in every place after the grand unification. At the same time, wars and criminal slaughters occur frequently in the national society while such factors endangering human life decreases greatly in the grand unified society. Due to the environment with high competition in the national society, people suffer from great mental pressure and have gloomy thought. But in the grand unified society, mild life and easiest and pleasant temper are all advantageous conditions for people’s health and longevity.

 (VI) Equal and Free Life

If there is no equality and freedom, there is no happiness for human beings. It is the view of happiness generally approved in the present world. Factually, equality and freedom is impossible to be realized widely in the national society. People need to enjoy subsistence right, property right and freedom right equally which can’t be achieved in the national society. It is because the people in some countries live an affluent and stable life. They enjoy excellent social welfare and are able to execute their democratic rights fully in politics. But the people in some other countries suffer from the ravage of wars and have rags on their back and little in their belly. Disease deprives of children’s life constantly. Those autarchic tyrants implement fascism rule over the people. Therefore, the human beings are in the state of extreme inequality generally in the national society. Freedom and human rights are only endowed to some people.

The realization of the grand unified society creates excellent conditions for the solution of above mentioned problems. First of all, the grand unified society is a society that is beneficial to implement the policy of even-wealth. The phenomenon of extreme discrepancy in people’s living level in different areas won’t exist. Therefore, people’s equality status in wealthy will be improved greatly.

Secondly, the foundation of the grand unified society is the result of conformance with the history trend and the selection after verifying the entirety interests of all mankind. The systems adopted by the society will certainly conform to the history trend. Therefore, the political system selected by the grand unified society will certainly be the best political system generally approved by all the human beings at the times. In terms of the mankind’s political values currently, it is compulsory to adopt democratic political system for the grand unified society. Thus, all the human beings will enjoy equal political freedom and human rights in the uniform democratic regime.

Thirdly, based on the current mankind status, it designs the social policy which should be implemented in the grand unified society. The grand unified society should be a uniform and excellent welfare society. In the common welfare system, all the human beings can enjoy excellent living conditions equally. Therefore, the general equality and freedom brought by the grand unified society for human beings will be unprecedented in terms of the mankind entirety.

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