I, Hu Jiaqi, was born in Hunan province in China in 1962. I attended Northeast University of Technology (also known as Northeastern University) to study in 1979, worked in a unit under the National Building Materials Bureau in 1983 after graduation and started an enterprise in 1994 that has been dealing in decoration engineering and building materials. At present, I am a member of CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Committee) Mentougou District, Beijing. 
   Soon after I got involved in the research on the human problems in 1979, I determined that this research would be the most important in my life. As the research advances continuously, I have come to realize that mankind is confronted with an extremely severe disaster because there has been a comprehensive mistake in the developmental direction and mode of human society. In addition, this mistake has threatened the survival and happiness of human beings radically. Therefore, I will endeavor to study it and appeal to people on this problem until the end of my life.

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