Great persons are those who contribute during the important turning points of history. The achievements of these great persons will be documented in history and known to the world. Great persons are not only equipped with personal talents and prowess, but also accompanied by major historical events. As the Chinese saying goes, “The time creates the hero.”

Without World War II and the powerful machinations of Hitler, great leaders like Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill would not have come to prominence. These leaders passed difficult tests of life and death and led their people to victory despite terrible circumstances. As a result, they changed the course of history and left illustrious marks on its pages. What types of people can be called giants? From a literal perspective, it can be generally understood that giants must achieve even more than great persons. There have been very few people who deserved the title of “giant” throughout history.

Among the most distinguished political commanders recognized in world history, there are some who are especially remarkable: Alexander the Great, Emperor Ashoka, Emperor Qin Shi Huang, Emperor Wu of Han, Julius Caesar, Muhammad, Genghis Khan, Peter the Great, George Washington, Vladimir Lenin, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill. These people are recognized because they have had a tremendous impact on history. The actions of these people can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1. Large-scale conquests and domination of unprecedented territory (Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan).

2. Effective administration and political, economic, and military systems reform; steady increase of national strength and successful large-scale foreign conquests and occupations (Julius Caesar and Peter the Great).

3. Unification of big nations (or ethnicities) or large lands with ground-breaking significance (Emperor Ashoka, Emperor Qin Shi Huang, and Muhammad).

4. Establishment of new national systems with far-reaching impacts on future generations (George Washington and Vladimir Lenin).

5. Defeat of mighty invaders and safeguard of national or world stability (Emperor Wu of Han, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill).

Analysis shows that, so far, the most outstanding political leaders in human history cannot escape these three major characteristics:

First, all of their achievements were centered around the interests of groups, such as countries, ethnicities, and religions. For example, in World War II, Roosevelt would not have sent troops if the interests of the United States had not been threatened. The never-ending conquests of Alexander and Genghis Khan were to build empires of unprecedented power; Washington and Lenin, on the other hand, wanted to establish countries with an ideal political system. Ashoka, Emperor Qin Shi Huang, Emperor Wu of Han, Caesar, Muhammad, and Peter the Great all fought for the interests of certain groups. In the end, the accomplishments and ambitions of these great leaders can all be attributed to the interests of groups.

Second, all of their efforts were centered around the theme of happiness. The prominent figures and political leaders in history who launched expansions and conquests did so to expand their spheres of dominance or satisfy their desires of subjugation. These were their pursuits of happiness. The leaders who led wars against invasion and established better political systems were all doing so to safeguard the happiness of their people.

Third, the achievements of these great leaders were all inseparable from war. This is partly related to the very nature of the country-based society. The conquering or protection of nations and the establishment of new political systems all require the motivation of war; thus, the accomplishments of all great leaders were built on massive casualties.

The transformation from a country-based society to a unified society will be a social reform on a never-before-attempted scale. It will require the combination of both historical giants and historical patterns.

What types of historical giants will emerge in the course of this transformation? Further analysis will show that this transition will be vastly different from all other historical transitions before.

First, all past historical revolutions have been centered on the interest of groups; the transition to a unified society will revolve around the interests of all mankind

Second, all past changes have been centered on the goal of happiness for a limited group of people; the transition to a unified society will focus on the survival of all humans.

Third, all past social reforms have been based on wars and violent killings; the transition to a unified society will be achieved through peaceful transi tion. Furthermore, though the unified society’s original intent is to prevent human extinction, it is also the most ideal form of society that most complies with the maximum value principle. This makes the peaceful transition towards a unified society even more likely and just.

If great persons were born during past human history, giants will be born in the transition to a unified society. The superior significance of this unprecedented historical change cannot be described with mere words. Though the country is the highest form of power in our country-based society, not all national leaders have the power to influence the world. The leaders of the major powers will be strongest forces behind change. We have elaborated on this point before.

We know that the development of science and technology is only threatening humanity more as time passes. The sooner we can complete the transition to a unified society, the sooner we can alleviate the survival crisis of humanity. The objective conditions for global unity have already been satisfied; the time to act is now. We may not be able to rely on every person in the world to realize this on a rational level, but we can hope that the major leaders of this world will promote the best course of history.

This is a time for giants. The major leaders who shy away in such an important time will be the eternal sinners of history; those who step forward to assume the most important task of history will be immortalized in the memory of all future generations. For the continued survival of all mankind, for the happiness and peace of our future descendants, let us sound the historical call for giants!

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