An Interview with the Author by Bill Bergstrom

An Interview with the Author by Bill Bergstrom

(President - VettedMedia and former White House Political Appointee)



In April of 2017, I had the unique opportunity to meet Jaiqi Hu. The dinner was set up by a business associate of mine who suggested that we discuss working together on medical tourism platforms.


I asked him about his background and quickly learned that not only was Mr. Hu an accomplished architect but he was also the creator of a massive online search engine in Asia. We scheduled some time to tour his offices whereby I met hundreds of his employees. I saw for myself that Mr. Hu’s creativity and organization that led him to develop so many award-winning projects that helped transform China was now taking place online as he was developing an engaging platform for world-wide commerce.


Having a background in political campaign management and public relations, I have always been drawn to humble but impactful private sector individuals who are motivated to help their communities and the world around them. So, when we began discussing Mr. Hu’s research and theories pertaining to common threats that every citizen in every country face, I was intrigued with his analysis because his background and recent experience provided him a unique perspective.


This material is important and it is critical that we listen to the voices of knowledgeable and impactful leaders like Jiaqi Hu. The analysis and review of threats is thorough but among the biggest takeaways for readers is the understanding of mankind’s arc of emotional and intellectual evolution. Recognizing our civilization’s current inability to really know the ramifications of our advancements risks our capability in managing their impacts. As a result, we may be creating bigger threats to our own existence on a daily basis.


Is our present civilization constructed to work together in order to provide a general quality of life and ensure safety? That question remains as general regions of the globe become uninhabitable, artificial intelligence becomes uncontrollable and world organizations fail to function with efficiency and purpose.


 This interview below will help provide you some context to both the author and material. The video content will be made available on line at and as you read and think about some of these critical issues yourself.


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