A Letter from Hong Kong Reader Ying Xuehui on Nov. 9th, 2008

(This is a letter that the editorial department received after I had published the article named This world is really Mad-to start with the Hadron Collider in November, 2008. This letter was published on the December issue in 2008.)

Dear Editor,

The article To start with the Hadron Collider published in your November issue is really written with much care. The more sophisticated the science practice is, the more careful we should be. That is a praisable concept. Only the truth of science should be chosen properly during the voyage of discovery, pursuit or otherwise standing still and refusing to make progress. I beg to presume that, rather than being afraid of seeking a new world and waiting for death, be ready to research and struggle for existence. I just offer a few of my humble opinions in consideration of the ET's anxiety. Though human civilization grows in power series, to judge it in macro aspect from the universe, it is just a zero-level civilization. It has not yet reached the first-level civilization of controlling energy of all planets for the thermo-nuclear reactions. Therefore, human civilization is still anxious to fight with each other and perish itself. Nonetheless, nowadays earthman has recognized the necessary to value human rights and extend their favors to animals; to further transmit the telecommunication into the heaven which is without limit, and mimic the songs of birds to search for friends. So I feel so strong in my heart the solitude to stay in the immense and boundless universe and the fear that the earth would be destroyed without continuance. How can it be possible for an earthman, who just has the mindset of a man in the jungle era, to get an astronaut's heart, which is of the second-level cosmic civilization? If so, doesn't that show that I am more sensitive than when offending a beauty? (I am just to provoke a smile here.) Owing to the sense of knowingness, I take liberty of saying these words without thinking too much.


Best wishes,

Ying Xuehui


P.S. If any extraterrestrial wisdom is found, it is sufficient to prove the general existence of life, and I am consoled to know that the soul is immortal.

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