Hu Jiaqi:Wonder? Worrier?

(From NanFengChuang Magazine 3rd Issue, 2009)

Wu Na

The progress of science and technology will consequently lead to human extinction, and the doom is not far – this is one of Hu Jiaqi's four achievements in 30 years of hardworking research."The greatest thoughts in history were always begun with attacks. How many pieces of On Capital were sold? Mine were sold more.” Hu Jiaqi is heavy hearted but confident in his "extinction opinion.”

Back in 1979 when Hu Jiaqi was admitted into college with one point less than a perfect score in physics, he had regretted not getting into the Department of Physics.

During the first year in college, he was exposed to the theory of relativity. “It is a magical knowledge on which many of today's science fictions are based.” He was immersed in the physics that he had always loved.

Compared to the Age of cold steel, modern science and technology has raised the capacity of self-destruction by millions of times and still has not reached its peak. As long as it keeps on going, the upward trend of this destructive power will correspondingly exist."Then where is the end?"Mr. Hu Jiaqi started wondering if mankind would be exterminated with the continuous progression of science and technology. After having really concentrated on the issue of "human extinction", Mr. Hu was shocked and found himself very lucky to bump into a "vacancy". This major issue related to human fate has not been systematically touched by anyone else. He found that there were at least dozens of subjects involved in researching human extinction, and to make clear of the burst of destructive power concerns not only natural science but many issues in social science as well. In the next near 30 years, Hu Jiaqi was crazily learning and reading for his research.

“We cannot develop at the cost of fate human race as a whole, so we should use all resources to attach great importance to this issue. The international community is giving weight to terrorists, war and the environment, but all these problems are small compared to human extinction.” He is very serious and concerned.

Going in for business but not losing heart on the destiny of human race in 1983, Hu Jiaji graduated still obsessing over when and how the human race might end and the avoiding countermeasures. He was then appointed to the National Building Materials Bureau Projects Agency, a direct unit at ministry level under State Department. His work as a tiny bolt on the country machine was nothing related to his ultimate interest in human extinction, so he did not stop his research started from his first year in college. During this time he tried to record his “extinction opinions”, and he found it hard to go on for two many things were getting involved.

As time went by, he found that working step by step in an organization left him inadequate time and money for research.

Ten years later in 1994, after careful consideration, Hu Jiaqi, like many governmental officers at that time, went in for business. He wanted to build a sound financial foundation for his ideal to find solutions for human extinction.

Hu Jiaqi is obviously a smart man. He established a decoration company specialized in fitting-out works for organizations, businesses, hotels, etc. In a short period of 3 years, the value of order reached 300 million yuan in 1997 when the profit of the industry was fairly high.

Fortunately, Hu Jiaqi was nothing like those new-riches in the 90s who forgot their earlier ambitious goals which used to toss themselves throughout the night. The busy work in company had not cooled down his mission on the fate of human race.

He gradually divided the company among his business partners and friends and devoted himself to research.

“I didn't have too much time so I had to immerse myself in it, even on the train.” Hu Jiaqi said, “I am not an ascetic kind of person. I think I lead a comfortable life, better than many people, and have gotten more experiences. Sometimes I chose to write at a place with beautiful scenery so I could enjoy the view while strolling.” He worked in a methodic way to divide his research into several stages which included a few tasks. Every time he completed one of them, he went out for a movie or drink with friends as a reward for the hard work. His child liked his stories from the research very much, and Hu Jiaqi is very proud of this."I think it is very important. This is my career for life. My works as a politician or businessman all serve this single career. Science and technology will exterminate humanity. Science and technology is double-edge sword. Most scientists researching want to hopefully benefit mankind, but the results sometimes are out of control. Einstein never thought to use the atomic bomb to destroy a city!"Talking about his fruitful results, Hu Jiaqi can conveniently sprout various examples.

As successful businessman and a transnational folk scientist, Hu Jiaqi is now engaging in promoting his first research finding: that is, the progress of science and technology will definitely lead to human extinction, and it is not far off.

“Many present scientific researchers are not simply causing concerns to humanity, but destructions.” Hu Jiaqi explained with patience that extinction is different from destruction. Destruction implies death of great masses, but extinction denies the possibility of survival, that mankind will no longer exist.“Mankind may be represented themselves on Earth through long evolution after extinction.” The development of science and technology will undoubtedly bring about exterminating means, and Hu Jiaqi admonished the report in earnest: “The problem has been basically a common view in the scientific circle!” Since the advent of nuclear weapon, researchers from the US and Soviet Russia had the idea that the principle could be understood even by a freshman in related specialties. A nuclear physicist and an explosives expert plus a mechanical engineer would guide workers in research of nuclear weapons. The biological weapons that terrify us the most are the easiest to gain.

“And it is hard to control after the emergence of exterminating means.” Hu Jiaqi is worrying about the far future.

“I got the idea after research that we are not able to take full control of science and technology. No matter how good a society is, there are always extremists doing bad things. No matter how dangerous the scientific finding is, there is no guarantee that it will not spread.” Hu Jiaqi randomly gave an example; nowadays many science and technologies are not very difficult to obtain. Modified gene bio-toxins can be made in the lab by only one person. This is very common in Hollywood scientific fictions. 

“Is the extinction far away after the advent of exterminating means?" Hu Jiaqi frowns every time speaking of this topic. “Science and technology is amazing. Things that never seem impossible for ordinary people may simply be achieved in a turn. Humanity is not far from extinction from the development of science and technology. This involves the overall survival issues of mankind as a whole, and there should not be even one slip-up. If there is, it would be the first and the last. What I am concerned about is that we will not even have a chance to regret.” Hu Jiaqi said in sincere earnest.


Problem once and forever

Most audiences naturally regard his “extinction opinion” after 30 years research as unnecessary.  But Hu Jiaqi, who was born in 1962, has been confident of his view regardless of others’ remarks, negations and frustrations. “I am not a bookworm, and I am successful in my political and business career. I know something about this society.”

“My book operates on the same philosophy - the principle of maximum value.   I firmly believe that my research is extremely valuable, but I am not sure the community is willing to accept it. My confidence comes from my in-depth and repeated studies.  For nearly 30 years, back and forth, confirmed and overruled, I negated it in many ways, and the result finally came up. It is not easy to get one thing done in one’s life. Getting one thing done means more success. I am the kind of person who will not stop until I reach my goal.” Hu Jiaqi said frankly.

Hu Jiaqi’s research relates in truth to many state-of-the-art technologies that seldom come into contact with ordinary people. He said that this year the European large hadron collider (LHC) will be successfully restarted, since last year the experience was suspended because of helium leak. It was conferred as the largest scientific project in the world; high-speed particle beam collisions at the velocity near light will generate enormous energy and reproduce the universal shape after the “Big Bang” to learn the way of the birth of life.

Before the project began last year, The European Court of Human Rights held a group of European scientists who were opposed to the project. They had prosecuted 20 European countries who supported this project, and applied for an emergency ban against this experience but were turned down.

The most determined objector is a German scientist who says there will be a great chance of a micro-black hole generated from the LHC during the experience, and it will expand at the speed of index times and swallow the Earth. Under the worst context, these man-made black holes will end the Earth in four years. However, the scientists from the nuclear physics research organizations in Europe believe that the energy of the micro black hole in the abstract generated from the LHC is even not enough to light a bulb.

Hu Jiaqi told our reporter that according to Stephen Hawking, the well-known physicist, a black hole can evaporate. Those as big as a proton can evaporate in a moment, but as a theory it has not yet been put to the test. If it fails to recognize the stable black holes, then mankind will die off.

“I am concerned that the constant tests will finally meet with mishap, for only one can exterminate mankind.” “Extinction" and“concern” are used by Hu Jiaqi with the highest frequency.


How many pieces of On Capital have been sold?

The above content is just the first of the four opinions researched by Hu Jiaqi in the last 30 years. The progress of science and technology will consequently lead to human extinction, and the doom is not far. Compared to the other three, this is the one with the most possibility for those who don’t understand Hu’s theory.

For nearly 30 years, Hu Jiaqi has devoted too much time and painstaking effort to the extinction research. After the overall findings came out in 2007, he determined to go out promoting his views. However, he found it difficult to take a step, even convincing others to accept his view was fraught with difficulties.

“The writing part was tough, but the later publishing and promoting part was more difficult. I had to start from the beginning of my opinion, and who wants to listen to this long story? It is not easy to change people's thinking and behavior that has been led by a long-standing customary concept. Those who tried to change were considered as freakish and not being sensible to the realities of the times. I have gotten used to others' criticism and “cold-shoulders”. Hu Jiaqi tried to understand their misidentification. “It is very hard. I had to pull people to set aside time for my speech. If I did not explain my opinion in detail, people would misunderstand me for a wizard.” In spite of these obstacles, with his successful business experience, Hu Jiaqi has prepared a package of integrated program for the promotion of his opinion.  

“I am going to put my things into script and make a movie. I also want to make a documentary and then have my book translated into different languages.” At the same time, I am also writing basic reading materials on my opinion for children, to have factual materials popular among the public.” He also gave lectures to students in several colleges.

“The greatest thoughts in history were always begun with attacks. How many pieces of On Capital were sold? And what about The Revolutions of the Heavenly Bodies? The most influential book by Schopenhauer only sold over 200 pieces in 10 years. Mine are better than his. ” He is always full of confidence.

But this rich businessman has his own icons. “I want to learn from three people. They all devoted themselves to one project during their entire life, and got great achievements. They are Karl Marx, Nicolas Copernicus and Charles Robert Darwin. They got very little recognition and more criticisms in life. I have been very well prepared.” He smiled. “There is one thing I will not learn from Marx and Copernicus. They were down and out. I want to be Darwin, for he was a doctor that provided the heritage that laid a foundation for his studied concentration.”



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