Three articles published in Green Company, Issue 1, 2009

(The First Article )

Hu Jiaqi: Save human beings

He has been sticking to a life theme of researching human destiny single-mindedly for 30 years. Having published his academic work of 800,000 words, he hopes to work upon the giants of mankind and then change the world.

In the eyes of 47 year old Hu Jiaqi, mankind is confronted with the largest crisis since the beginning of recorded history.

Do not frown, this has nothing to do with the financial crisis. It is not quite suitable to say Hu Jiaqi is a businessman; he established a decoration company in 1994, after he quit his original job and went into business. He has made over 300 million yuan 3 years later, but the company has never been his lifeblood: “If it was not for the research of “Saving mankind”, I would have never entered politics or business”. Precisely, he is a “humanist,” the only thing that worries him is that “mankind will have no chance for regrets”.

Humanity needs to be thoroughly awakened!

Hu Jiaqi has devoted great efforts to the research of human destiny during the past 30 years, and published the 800 million words in his academic work, Saving Mankind. “The irrational development of science and technology will definitely lead to the extinction of mankind.” Three reasons contribute to his use of the word “definitely” in order to show his firmness. First, the means to exterminate humanity is continuously emerging: today's nuclear weapons are violent enough to destroy the Earth several times. The modified gene bio-toxins in the lab have even more lethality than nuclear weapons, and the nano-robet will be endlessly copied and swallow mankind. Even so, science and technology is still far from the summit. Second, the means of extermination will sooner or later be employed by some psychopaths trying to get back at mankind. Third, even unintentionally, the exterminating means will accidently burst out like an explosion. “If science and technology develop without restriction, the extinction of mankind is not in thousands or ten thousand years, but in the near future.”

Since the beginning of the western industrial revolution, the Earth has been on a crazy train to the middle of nowhere. Hu believes that the consistent competition between ethnic groups and countries adverts us from the security of our only home of Earth. Thus, the endless expansion of science and technology accelerates the imbalance of the world. Attributed by fierce competition, modern people have far less a sense of happiness compared to the cave people.

“Mankind needs to be thoroughly awakened,” Hu Jiaqi said. The three great thought revolutions in human history- The Renaissance shattered thearchy, enlightenment movement broke the throne, socialism thoughts shook the system of private ownership. If what they solved was the overall happiness of mankind, the following fourth revolution has yet to be named, but it is related to the overall happiness and more the survival of mankind.

Hu admits that science and technology are the primary productive forces, but he thinks that mankind should from now on strictly curb, even suspend the development of science and technology. The current level has been sufficient to provide comfortable life to every one on Earth. The rate of utility of today's science and technology has not reached 30%. If the existing safe science and technology can be universally benefit the whole world, the Earth as a whole will be much richer than any developed countries.

“It is not up to me to save humanity, but humanity to save themselves!”

Mankind needs to, for the first time, consider questions from the height of human destiny. Hu Jiaqi put forward his solution - transformation of the world to a “great unification”. In a unified world, the regimes tend to be united, science and technology benefit all mankind, and the whole world lives in generally high welfare. A non-competitive (compared to the current hot competition) and a common-wealth society with narrower gaps between the rich and poor will establish a high degree of happiness. The fight for and value of wealth and power for decades will be replaced by peace, friendliness, frugality, diligence, toleration, mercy, honest and integrity. Of course, the most fundamental and important thing is that the unified world guarantees mankind from self-extinction and naturally develops from generation to generation.

The first light has emerged. Hu believes that modern transportation, communication and media has shrunken the world into an Earth village. The hardware conditions for a great unification have been ready; the UN and EU reflect mankind's conscious impulse toward integrity. “No one would believe European unification fifty years ago, but its sense of being marginalized by others tied the countries in Europe closely. The sense of being exterminated is much more powerful than that.”

“Apart from the will to take actions, humanity takes hold of all conditions for great unification, "Hu Jiaqi told me.

To ordinary people living their daily lives, Hu Jiaqi is appalling “Only the liberation of mankind can set us free” is inevitably regarded as freakish. 10 minutes of speaking his opinion over dinner is enough to annoy people at the table. They even consider him a wizard when he gives a direct opinion of “great unification”.

Hu is not a madman, otherwise you cannot explain his success in business. In Jianlei (International) Group Company, you cannot find a thing even slightly related to “saving humanity”. “Company is company; it cannot mix with my research.” However, the achievement of his company and the research of saving humanity presents a clear and interesting curve of inverse proportion: the company grades decreased when immersed in his writing, and reached new heights when he came back to business.

Hu Jiaqi's dream as a child in the Hunan Province was to carry on his father's work. He was enrolled in Northeast Technology University (present Northeast University) with one point less than the full score in physics. After getting into contact with the theory of relativity at the library, he could not help flinging himself into physics. His enthusiasm for study was teased by his classmates to be "Hu Jiaqi Syndrome”.

“It is not up to me to save humanity, but humanity to save themselves!” Hu Jiaqi stressed to me again and again. The destiny of mankind cannot be transformed by a single person, but by mankind as a whole, and his most important mission is to cry out loud to change the thinking and behavior that has led the world long since. He prepares to send 24 thousand books and disks to leaders influencing the procession of humanity in political, business and cultural circles.

“Are you sure they can get your mailing?” the reporter from the Green Company asked.

“No, but I will do it. I am always doing it. This is my only career in life, and it is impossible that they will never get it.”

(The Second Article)

(The "battle cry" of Hu Jiaqi)

Books published in China mainland: Saving Mankind, The Biggest Crisis;

Books published in Hong Kong: Human Extinction, Saving Mankind(Selected Edition)

Writing for Asia week Magazine in Hong Kong;

Saving Mankind (Selected Edition) and The Biggest Crisis of Mankind (English Version) are about to be published in the US.

Preparing to write a booklet – Basic principle which enlightened Thomas Paine’s Common Sense in the US Revolutionary War was for the purpose of inspiring the public.


In addition to "Battle Cry”

Before 2009:

1.In January 2007, Hu sent "open letters to 26 leaders of mankind" - to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the leading heads of 25 major countries; (the only reply was from the Iranian embassy asking for English version)

2. In recent years, Hu has been giving lectures and organizing exchange activities in Geely University, Beijing Communication University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Capital Norman University. “The results are not as good as I had imagined.”

3. Hu promoted the thinking of “Saving Mankind” to writing societies and other social activities. “The leaders usually showed no interests.”


After 2009

1. Sending 4000 sets of Chinese CDs and books to the political, economic, informational, educational, arts and cultural community leaders in the Chinese-speaking world;

2. Sending 20,000 sets of English CDs and books to political, economic, informational, educational, the arts and cultural community leaders of the world.

3. Establishing a film company and shooting a documentary of 6 episodes titled "Saving Mankind", contacting the world's major television stations for broadcasting, such as CNN, etc.

4. Intending to launch a global non-profit organization "Research Center of Human Destiny"

(The Third Article)

“The survival of humanity as a whole is above all else!”

Green Company To stop the progress of science and technology in order to avoid human distinction will be criticized as giving up eating for fearing of choking.

Hu Jiaqi The present operation of the world cannot guarantee long-term living in affluence and happiness for mankind; even now to take actions curbing science and technology is a little late. We only have one Earth!

Green CompanyHas current science and technology met the needs of mankind? If a mother gets an incurable disease, is the only thing her son can do just wait for her death, but not go for higher science?

Hu JiaqiMankind must sacrifice; mankind's life expectancy has been growing by a large degree.

Green Company So it can not grow any more?

Hu Jiaqi Yes it can, but to prevent mankind from extinction, great sacrifice is necessary.

Green Company What would you do if you were the only son in the early case?

Hu Jiaqi Very sad, but this is an issue of the whole world. We must give priority to the overall situation, not the minor matters. If you accept my first opinion(science and technology will definitely lead to human extinction), then there will be no other choice. Of two evils, choose the lesser. That is the only choice.

Green CompanyEven if mankind does not commit suicide, how do we address the natural disaster and alien intrusion?

Hu JiaqiIf we had accepted what nature brought to us, we would live for tens of millions of years. Based on today’s science and technology, in 50 million years the sun will turn into a red giant and swallow the Earth, which is the hurdle we are unable to ride over. Alien invasion is almost impossible, for according to my logic, senior life on other planets have only two choices: because the unlimited speed of scientific and technological development results in self-demise, to limit the progress of science and technology makes it impossible to travel across the planets.

Green CompanyOK, if mankind goes from generation to generation without scientific and technological progress, your son and grandson are leading the same life. Will mankind be mentally destructive?

Hu Jiaqi What I want to solve is human happiness. We have got material wealth much richer than our ancestors. Why we are not happy? The sense of happiness occurs in comparison. In a non-competitive and average-rich society, people have more time for relaxation and entertainment.

Green Company What would your Jianlei Group look like in a non-competitive society?

Hu Jiaqi I did not mean that competition should be absolutely abandoned. Actually, it is a must between enterprises, and the non-competition society I meant is a society without hot and violent competition. In a great unification, the social culture will lighten the competition. The competition between enterprises are limited by two conditions. First, the country should not encourage competition. Second, current science and technology should be fully utilized but not exceeded.

Green Company You have been emphasizing the great unification of regimes, do you think politics determines economy

Hu Jiaqi No, I don't. We are talking about this issue today just because something has gone wrong in the political area. The superstructure has been in need of change. The economic foundation has decided a society that can realize great unification, but the resistance from regimes is powerful.

Green Company How long will it take for a great unified world to be achieved?

Hu Jiaqi Now the whole world has lack of the urgency. The sense of urgency is still laid in not being marginalized in every country. If mankind does not have a clear understanding of this issue, great unification will not come true in tens of millions of years. Once mankind has urgency, it will be realized in a few hundred years or even two or three decades.

Green Company How do we start the great unification? Who can do it?

Hu Jiaqi I cannot say it; it does not make any sense if I reveal it. Politicians should make more contributions than scholars.

Green Company Is it possible to form a relationship of direct proportion between your research and enterprise?

Hu Jiaqi No, it will not happen. To manage an enterprise involves matters of all aspects. In this highly competitive society, you may fail even if you work hard, much less sleep on the job. If I put half my energy in my company, this year I should have more than tens of billions of assets or even more.

Green CompanyDo you regard yourself as an idealist?

Hu JiaqiI am a realist. Although saving humanity is an idea and goal, it is a real threat. If I were an idealist, a specific program would be completed long ago, and how can I keep my research after offending others? I will first focus on some of the viewpoints that are acceptable to others, step by step.

Green Company Have you ever thought about being Copernicus, Marx or Darwin?

Hu Jiaqi I would like to learn from the three of them. They studied only one subject throughout their life and made great achievements. I try to do it, not say it. They got little recognition and more criticism when they were alive. I am ready to accept attack from others. I cracked a joke with friends that it would be great to found a “Human Unification Award”, awarding like 10 billion US dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars each year to reward those who contribute to the great unification of mankind.

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