Responsibility of one human being (preface of The Biggest Issue)

(This is a foreword, written by Mr. Liu Tingzhao, of my book The Greatest Issue)

 Humanity's Duty as Part of the Great Existence

                                       Liu Tingzhao

The Greatest Issue is treasured as an academic book, and Mr. Hu Jiaqi has racked his brain over it for 28 years.

This book illustrates encyclopedia knowledge about human survival and development, giving elaborate schemes with an ideal framework of a harmonious society and a harmonious world. "The content of this book concerns everybody's existence, and it is related to every family's good and ill. It is also related to every nation's ups and downs, and it is essential to the peace and prosperity of the whole world." It is a golden achievement about anthropology and sociology research by Chinese scholars, and probably will be helpful in promoting world peace and development and might change the course of history.

The Greatest Issue selects the best of Saving Humanity, which was published by Tongxin Press as a forerunner The Greatest Issue.

Released in Beijing, Saving Humanity arouses enthusiasm and wide concern in all walks of life, with people who either give it a good opinion or sharp criticism. On the base of thorough discrimination, comprehension and assortment of various opinions, Mr. Hu Jiaqi, in the light of rigorous scholarship, boldly amended the Saving Humanity. I was renamed The Greatest Issue. In order to make the content more scientific and easy-to-understand, he compressed 800,000 characters into 400,000 by keeping the essence and discarding the dross.

It is like travelling in a city of encyclopedias while reading The Greatest Issue. Eyes move between lines with blinks in turning new pages, whereas the body roams among the outer spaces with a free heart across the time tunnel. "Clad in rainbow garments, riding on the wind, Come the queens of all the clouds, descending one by one, With tigers for their lute-players and phoenixes for dancers. Row upon row, like fields of hemp, range the fairy figures". The wonderland depicted by the fairy poet Li Bai was found unexpectedly in a chapter related to the universe in The Greatest Issue.

It seems this book was gifted a magic power, which in a flash absorbs you into the heart of the earth's crust, then suddenly throw you to the stars billions of light years away to verify the Baraka. At that instant it absorbs you into the inner core of a social cell to observe the substantial soul of organizational framework of mankind, and then suddenly send you back to ancient times when Pan Gu created heaven and earth and dinosaurs were lord, all to witness the birth of the ancestors of the human race.

Geocentric theory, heliocentric theory, continental drift theory, evolution theory, malthusism, general theory of relativity, red shift phenomenon, Doppler effect, big-bang cosmology, the black hole, red dwarf star, the Minos civilization, generational justice, disaster of red giant, Schwarzschild radius, a threat of micro black hole, ecliptic plane, solar wind, extraterrestrial life, cosmos paging, mystery of UFO, global warming hazard, acid rain, extinction of ectopistes migratorius, population explosion, the Group of Seven, biotoxins of genetically modified organisms, internet, hacker, Manhattan Project, Key of Technology, nation and society, code of Three Increase, international Law, globalization, new noncompetitive society, unitary state, composite statefederal state......

Along with the plot-line of the whole of mankind, all intellectual and key words come thick and fast in the book, collecting natural science and social science in complete harmony. There is content of astronomy, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, environment, philosophy, ethic, history, politics, economy, society and religion. This book is as good as a Chinese-style encyclopedia in popular edition and concentration type. With only one point falling behind full marks of the university entrance exam of physics, Hu Jiaqi really deserves to be called a master who knits pearls of knowledge into strings of dazzling encyclopedia necklaces linked with one another. He can also interpret some advanced scientific theories and abstruse knowledge into some fascinating and easy-to-understand stories in a humorous, infective way in human language.

"The further you get in your trip, the further you get in your book." I've believed in such an old maxim and followed it in practice as a child. Adding to the superiority as a journalist, my natural curiosity and inquisitive mind set me up for a man of learning. When I buried myself into these heavy manuscripts, however, something changed. All leaves may find their branches and roots here, and drops may assemble into the word current for the subsistence and development of human beings. This was my recollection of past events of life in half a century.

From childhood when we looked up at the sky to look for Altair & Vega to the years when we raised cups and ask the bright moon to drink in honor of the goddess; from the Roman amphitheatre where the bloodstains drenched deeply to the slave workhouse of West Africa where the cold iron chain remains; from the experimental field in which Japanese invaders made bacteriological weapons in the northeast of China to the mushroom clouds which hang over Hiroshima and Nagasaki; from the skull of Sinathropos Pekinensis in Zhou-Kou-Dian to the bronze mask of the one with longitudinal eyes in San-Xing-Dui; from the Laboratory For Anti-Darwinism that was established by the University of Cambridge to the nebular picture of Big Bang that was taken by Hubble Space Telescope and shown by Greenwich Royal Observatory...

A mere and frail human, a lamentable and regrettable human! A great and wise human, a competent and able human!!

If I was deeply fascinated by so many strings of pearls made by encyclopedic knowledge, then I was held captive by the strong sense of the lofty and sacred mission of caring about the whole of mankind as my own duty between the lines.

The man who is concerned about future of his own country and people can be considered as one with a soaring ambition. Furthermore, love from the author's child-like heart reaches to far beyond his motherland and people. It is his love of humankind in general which has a way of leaping boundaries. The great love goes far beyond one's own country and people. He is really concerned about humankind, the world, the globe and space!

It was truly uncanny! He is only one a simple citizen of Beijing in China, one common college graduate, one average scholar and one ordinary entrepreneur. How could his great love bloom so?! And how could he see saving humanity as his own duty consciously?!

We each have our private views about life, society, the world and the future. But not everyone has such patriotism and sense of sacred mission. The human species is composed of each individual. Only through the common efforts of each individual can the historical mission be taken up and seen out.

Which topic can be found that is greater, more urgent or more serious than that of saving humanity, both for publisher and for anyone on this planet?

What astonishes me truly is the serious hint about the unhealthy situation we are facing: peace and prosperity cannot cover up the existing crisis of human beings, and things we cannot stop enthusing about in high spirits might in fact be another way of suicide. These shocking warnings are not an idle threat, but the objective reality. No matter how high a position one gets or how much money one gains, nobody can avoid looking small while encountering serious subjects on humanity's destiny. So-called, a kite in the sky will stop for such a mountain and a man in official circles may remain for such a valley. The mountain together with the valley refers to this book.

This sobering remark of its time has been our cynosure to walk by, and they have been enshrined in memory until now. Definition of the proletariat has its new interpretations in the wake of the victory of the October Revolution and in the company of China's reform and opening up. Of these two factors, the former makes proletarians in power so that the former USSR and other countries of Eastern Europe have disintegrated. Also, the latter makes China's economy develop rapidly so that all people are practicing to throw off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity. In the spirit of advancing with the times, we may as well mature this famous remark as“Only by emancipating all mankind can we achieve our own final emancipation.” The Greatest Issue, with its affluent indisputable facts, achievements and valid conclusions tells us that: annihilation of the human race can be a truth before the great day for liberating all of mankind arrives if we do not to square up to the reality of the human crisis, deal with various factors threatening the human race or adopt a revolutionary and global effective measure for self-protection of Man. It is self-evident that salvation matters more than liberation!

China's WTO entry fosters integration rapidly with the global economy & culture and advances the development of modern technology. The global coverage of Internet especially make exchanges in the world family a piece of cake. Our traditional sense of chance and challenge perhaps need to be exchanged so: seize the opportunity of building a harmonious society and world community to meet the shallenges of the existing crisis.

With his unyielding character and revolutionary potentiality and sense of historical mission gifted by the Xiang river, together with his world-minded bold vision, Mr. Hu Jiaqi, an omnivorous reader with a conscientious scholarship, passionately puts forward a key subject in Saving Humanity and a grand unified ideal through evaluating regime justice and implementing human values. He also gives a thorough scheme and scientific interpretation for the infrastructure and social value standard of the grand unified society.

He is busy running about a career of saving mankind and shouting for implementation of a grand unified society, a person who is living as an individual but is deeming it his duty to inform all mankind about the destiny of mankind. Who else can not be moved by his obsession?! And how could some people like me hold loose of this kind of warning?!

No writer, no work surely can be perfect in every way, and the limitations always exist. However, I, as a general planner of The Greatest Issue, positively recommend this book, which will at least broaden your outlook and widen your mind from self-regard to mankind-regard and from present-concerning to future-concerning. It will make you break through your narrow cultured space and time of living into all around China——the whole world——the entire cosmos.

"We will develop philosophy and social sciences, promoting innovation in academic disciplines, academic viewpoints and research methods. We encourage people working in these fields to serve as a think tank for the cause of the Party and the people, and we will introduce related outstanding achievements and distinguished scholars to the world arena", and"enhance the influence of Chinese culture worldwide". Mr. Hu Jintao put forward an idea of building up a harmonious society and a harmonious world, and proposes to implement scientific developments in the report of the 17th National Congress of the CPC. In a sense, The Greatest Issue is a precious exploration and positive work in carrying out the ideas and spirit of above-mentioned.

Everybody is responsible for the rise and fall of mankind, and Chinese scholars should speak aloud in the research of this area, to whom were targeted the original recommendation of this book.

With the sacred duty of saving mankind, this book presents a living crisis to admonish the world, which is definitely not groundless worry or anxiety. As the old sayings goes, "Without long-term strategy, short-term achievement is impossible. Without full-scale consideration, simple action is impracticable.”Therefore, we, as a part of the great existence living in this world, should ask ourselves:

By what can all the long ages go forward through the signing ages of decline and commending flourishing ages?

What achievements did such high-profile present generations create by thinking about previous generations and longing for later generations?

On the basis of contemporary material progress and cultural and ethical progress, The Greatest Issue demonstrates a scientific and ideal pursuit of a Grand Unified Community by coming up with an ideal of a new Great Harmony. It is an inheritance of traditional Chinese thought called the World Commonwealth and the theory of Marxist scientific socialism. I expect that the day when such a grand unified community comes into being must be a day when such a little universe reaches its booming time.

(The writer of this article is the general planner of this book, an old-time journalist and a famous publisher)

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