To Nick Bostrom, The Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University

To Nick Bostrom,                                        

May 12, 2013

The Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University

Dear Professor Nick Bostrom,

I recently learn from the report that the team you direct has fulfilled an important research and published a paper entitled "Existential Risk Prevention as Global Priority". The conclusion that you come with is that human being will be extinct in the next century, and high technology is the archriminal. As the development of technology being out of control, if we don't pay attention to it and find proper solution, the next century will be the doomsday for all of us—human beings.

After seeing the report, I became far more excited, for I finally meet with my bosom friend. I have done researches on Human Problem for nearly 34 years, and drawn the conclusion that human beings will die out in 200 or 300 years, with a minimum of 100 years, due to the development of technology.

However my research journey is probably harder than yours. After getting the bachelor degree, I became a national public servant, getting a good position. But I sacrifice it to do researches on Human Problem. During that time, I planed to earn a sum of money to support my research through business. After some years of hard work, I become a successful businessman. However, in 1997 I determinedly gave up exaggerating business and focused on researching and writing for 10 years. Until the beginning of 2007, I finished my first monograph "To Save Human Beings". Altogether it took me 28 years to do research on it. But my book was ordered to stop selling after 2 days' sale. Then I published a simplified version of the book in mainland China and Hong Kong, as well as a few relevant essays. Some of them can be found on my website "".

I used to give speeches on saving human beings in universities and institutes. Most of the feedbacks are disagreements, even ridicules. The audiences said my point of view was deliberately exaggerated so as to create a sensation. The academia in China is not as good as in western countries.

As the old saying goes, truth will prevail. I firmly believe that my research conclusion is as sure as fate. Human beings are moving ahead in darkness, having no knowledge of the bottomless chasm ahead of them. It's the time to wake up all human beings before things getting worse. Therefore, I wrote to the Chinese Chairman, the US president, the UK premier, the UN secretary and other leaders, never been heard of since.

Nowadays, learning that my research result is as same as yours, I not only find a bosom friend, but a person who can make progress together on human beings’ problem. Nevertheless, to save human beings is everyone's duty.

In 2007, I took charge of my enterprise after publishing "To Save Human Beings" and continued researching on human problems. I graciously invite you to Beijing and cherish every chance to communicate with you. In the meantime, I can show you around Beijing and be a good guide. If possible, we can set up an institute together. All of the fees will be paid by me and I want to send you the traveling fees when I receive your reply.

What's more, the letter that I wrote to 26 leaders in the world and the letter to Chinese Chairman and US president in November 2009 are all in the attachment, both of which have been published in media.

I look forward to your reply.



Jiaqi Hu

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