Letter comes from Yangxingzhi

(This letter comes from Yangxingzhi himself, The Vice-Chairman of the Intellectual Businessman Research Committee and secretary-general in Yangzhou, received by me at the end of 2008)

Mr. Hu Jaqi:

I was deeply impressed by your masterpiece of "Saving Mankind". I read the foreword at first then the preface; I spent five days to go over the entire book. There are two main points that impress me: First is your conduct, which shows dignity, wisdom and admirable courage. We can all see the virtue and spirit in you, which are reflected by the word "righteousness". Second is your masterpiece. It can not only be compared with the encyclopedia, but also be traded as the spiritual food for all humanity. In my opinion, you deserve the Nobel Prize for Peace or Social Anthropology Award (if it exists).

I am not ready to absorb all the knowledge from your book yet, but I have a strong desire to meet you in private. I am from Yangzhou, Jingchu Province, and am 72 years old. I was engaged in the educational work for junior high school and then participated in the department office of the government. Afterwards, I had the honor to be the editor for "History of Guangling District," which named by secretary-general Jiangzemin and inscribed by Zhaopuchu and Husheng. In the early 90s, I began to take part in intellectual business and also did research on it. In 2002, I established the first Intellectual Businessman Organization in China, which was named the Intellectual Businessman Research Committee of Yangzhou. It was approved by the local government, which had more than 160 members and had great influence then. I was writing to the ex-Secretary-General Ghali for delivery of my suggestion to establish the Humanity and Peace Researching Institute, but all I received was a silent answer. However, this wasn't crushing. With hope and passion, I delivered the same suggestion to Secretary-General Kori A. Annan and was informed by his secretary that he had the same desire as well, but it was not easy to fulfill. He also asked me to write to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China or write to the Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations in order to discuss it during the international conference. For lack of expectation I did not do the writing. At that moment I didn't think about the extinction of all humanity. The only thing on my mind was to change the situation and build a better place in the world that was against selfishness, spiritual malady and unfaithfulness. All I did was focus on the negative side of all things. Your book was just like the key to open the door of my heart. All of a sudden I realized that we should take use responsibility to do the utmost in order to save all human beings.

Mr.Hu presented a proposal for saving all humanity. In this proposal we were informed on how it would work. The main purpose of this proposal was to establish an "Immense Unification Society" and restrain the development of technology (or restrain such developments under certain conditions). To build such an "Immense Unification Society," we would be facing huge obstacles. But according to history, this kind of unit is inevitable. We cannot only depend on the "Immense Unification Society" to restrain the development of technology. Because all technologies are invented by man, if the evil part is still in our spirits, the invention with the purpose of war will continue, and the villain will always be ready to come out for destruction. If we want to put the "Immense Unification Society" into reality, the first thing is to defeat the evil in ours and bring up the righteousness, and it will require our hard work to reach this goal.

Mr. Hu delivered the letters to 26 leaders of the world. Hopefully they can consider his proposal and lead us to fulfill the big unit. This step is very important but not enough for us to touch the final reward unless we can unite all human beings. The more people realize the truth, the more power we can get and more efforts can be made by the world leaders. Without the activities of the people, the leaders of leading powers will not take action.

There is a powerful stream in society nowadays to push civilization to go forth. That stream is the Intellectual Businessman. They are the main power in our harmonious society. Intellectuals represent civilization and technology and morality. Business represents commerce and entrepreneurship, so the Intellectual Businessman is the combination of Intellect and Business. The first task for us is to establish the Scientific Outlook on Development and promote the construction of harmonious society. Intellectual Businessmen are varied in standards and epoch. Usually we divide them into Traditional Intellectual Businessmen and Modern Intellectual Businessmen. Then you can still divide the Modern Intellectual Businessman into the General Intellectual Businessman, Intellectual BusinessmanExcellent Intellectual Businessman, Superb Intellectual Businessman and Paragon Intellectual Businessman. In my opinion, you are an Excellent Intellectual Businessman, and Bill Gates is a Super International Intellectual Businessman. As Intellectual Businessmen, our constant mission is to establish an "Immense Unification Society".

My personal point of view about us is that we have local organization and national organization as well as international organization. For instance, the Intellectual Businessman Research Centre of Yangzhou and Intellectual Businessman Research Centre of Hengshui are approved by the local government. The foreign organization in Malaysia and Singapore are also approved by their governments as well as some other international organizations such as the International Intellectual Businessmen Committee, International Intellectual Businessmen Union and the International Intellectual Businessmen Federation. Activity of the Intellectual Businessmen is varied at local levels, national levels and international levels. Up to now, The International Intellectual Businessman has already held six international conferences. The Sixth Intellectual Businessman Conference was held in Yangzhou in May 2008. The leaders of different department in all grades more than 10 delegates were in attendance at the conference, including Zhanghuaixi, Zhoudaojong Jibaocheng etc, and more than 400 delegates of 20 different countries took part in this conference. Economic Daily and the Department of Commerce jointly held the Chinese Intellectual Businessman Forum three times. So it will be clear for you to see that the new members were rising up among the big family, and they are the Chinese Intellectual Businessman and the International Intellectual Businessman. All the evidence is available to inform us that they will become the main power to push our society into a new level. Under these circumstances we need a major principle to guide this stream of power to go right, and your book has given us this hope. If possible we would like to use your theory as our Action Program.

In order to assist you to get information about me and the Intellectual Businessman Research Committee of Yangzhou, you can refer to the website of the Chinese Intellectual Businessman (http://www.china-rushang.com/). Please refer to the enclosed information.  All the letters and calls from your side will receive our favorable responses.   

Best wishes


Dec. 12, 2008

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