Communication through Internet in 2007 with Yun Ya Hu Ke, a reader

(Note: Yun Ya Hu Ke has communicated with me in many names, including Lv Ye Shan Zhong and Ban Yin Ban Shi etc. As a very zealous and serious reader, he not only communicated with me many times, he also wrote notes and feelings after reading my book and organized his friends to discuss my books and spread my opinions actively, which is effective)


(Letter through internet on 15th Aug 2007 sent by reader)

Topic: Saving Mankind

Your opinions about life and the world have exceeded all other people; you have understood all things about universe.

The universe is where the terminal goals of human beings lie! The inherent struggle of human beings is to survive. We are a small structure of the whole structure of the universe! Earth is like a tiny dust particle in the broad universe, or just a speckle. So human beings are too weak and insignificant to describe compared with the universe!

You are crying for the terminal goals of human being!

You are person with a high recognition of contemporary society! Each person will be pitiable if he fails to read your book! I'm very lucky to have read your book, and I know that there are people with the same opinion as me in world, and I believe that human beings will be not be solitary any more starting now.

The virtual subjective ideology confronted with the real and objective world is so funny, shameful, naive, simple and innocent Thought and thinking are even too simple to be unable to realize this real and objective world.


There was an astronomer by the name of Carl Sagan saying one world will form when confronted with a puzzle about universe, which make me have more expectation. He said "Spaces in the universe are more than anyone has imagined, if there are only us in it, will it be not a waste?"


As for me, is there any thing more significant than realizing and exploring the mysteries of the universe, understanding the origins of human beings and all creatures, and knowing about the infiniteness of science when living in this world?

Existence of all things in the world has necessary objective causes which are resulted from the environments. The only problem of human beings is to survive.

Time goes on in infinite years, while a person can't survive even 100 years.         

Ancient trees can be evergreen, but we don't know whether a person will still live!


(My reply to him on 17th Aug 2007)

Thank all the people who are thinking of me and I hope to have more communication with you.


(Reply of reader on 19th Aug 2007)

We are all human beings with the same thinking, so you needn't thank me. I'm much younger than you, so you'd better not be so polite to me when speaking. Thank you for your communication with me so that I have an excuse to speak with you.

When I was reading these two books in the bookstore, I believed that these are ones deserving the most reading in modern society! Compared to people reading popular novels, it is so valuable and incomparable to read your books. Though they were not expensive, I was very poor then so I had to go to bookstore to read them many times. But their historic values priceless!

I'm reading your books now, and though I just began to read them, I can feel that they are not simple books from their table of contents, especially section four: Topics about Nation, Country and Religion related to the attitude of treating the objective and real world! If we can't solve this problem, it is of no significant when reading this book. In addition, I'm an extreme athiest without any religious belief and worship rather than a realist, because I believe that there are no deities and so on at all. This may show that mentioned theists believe that there are deities.

Your thinking has exceeded thousand of years and overviewed the whole universe! But is there not too much resonance in present society? This is a kind of statement of "world opinion is broad concern!" Confronted with the situation of present world such as wars, terrorism, violence, selfishness, religious problem, ethics problem and international problem etc, what we can do? If half of the total people had such thinking, it would be an evangelism of whole human beings, but it is a pity that people with such thinking are too few. Most people have blind thinking about this. Their thinking may never sublimate because they have been fixed. Leaders and civil people in some countries have adopted double standards; they want both science and superstition. I'm sure you have anticipated such problems early, so I need no more words about this.

We should treat the situation of present realities when confronted with objective realities.

Even in the 21st century, the present time when scientific and technologic products are popular around people, many feudal traditional thinkings can't be changed, which is really a pain.

The world should be unified and the thinking alsoWe should focus on education of the next generation!

But I believe that such situations will change in the late world. But we can't see a unified world in time while we are still alive.

All countries and human beings should give up hatred, etc. and solve problems such as humane demands and developments, etc. They should cooperate to develop resources and sciences to march on into the universe and future. Our armies should be aimed toward terrorism, violence, and all other things that hinder the process of humane developments (rather than launch wars for the sake of land, ethics, nation, resources and religion) so as to accelerate the process of human beings' civilization with stability. Since all are helping human beings, this intellectual creature of Nature is to survive forever.

As part of human beings in the present days of advanced science and technologies, we should think with a view that human beings have all same origins and the inherent problem of human beings is to survive forever in the universe.

Due to the same goals, our problems are never difficult ones. I hope your book can change humanity's development process and the world situation, and your words can try to remind those blind people.


(My letter on 20th Oct 2007)


I have reduce my book Saving Mankind into one book of 400,000 words with the interim name of The Greatest Problem. Tt has been sent to the publishing house and will be published within 3 months, and I will present you with one book and expect your correction.


(Reply of reader on 16th Nov 2007)

I'm very sorry, for I have not read my e-mails for a long time, that my reply you is so late.

I have the first three chapters of your book (other content: first three chapters of Saving Mankind)

I have published my opinions about Saving Mankind on my blog, which has affected many web friends with the same thinking and recognition. They are reading your books. I have discussed with web friends how to spread the ideas of Saving Mankind.

I think the present work is to spread ideas of Saving Mankind, since it is not so popular. I failed to find any discussion on topics of Saving Mankind in the form of blogs. This is mostly because present people are satisfied with present realities with commonly low value orientation. I have introduced this book to an educated blog friend, but his reply was dissatisfying.

We casually started with one topic, which was my opinion to one of his calligraphy couplet "watching the universe calmly and taking about one's own feelings". I depicted it as "but we don't know how much significance of universe we can know". He replied, "True, I know little. I want to listen to your wisdom." I said, "Listen to me? How can I persuade you? I'd like to introduce you to one book by the name of Saving Mankind. If your ideas fail to change a lot after reading it, it is unnecessary for me to talk with you."

Unexpectedly he cried "My God! I never read such kinds of books; even dislike it when hearing its book name. Save himself first" (All of what he said).

I'm thinking whether he needs to save himself, which aspect needs to be saved with an income of 1 million.

So it is a very realistic problem. Many people have fixed ideas, though they are educated. However, they are confused with the existential significance of themselves and human beings. This is also the difficulty of spreading Saving Mankind. But there are really some blog friends who became interested in this book after they became inspired to read them after reading my articles.

I organized discussions between myself and blog friends on topics of Saving Mankind and can send them to you to read. Are you interested in this?

As you mentioned, does the new version of Saving Mankind need its name changed to the interim name of Greatest Problem?

In your statement of "present to you for correction", correction is an exaggeration. I can suggest or discuss.

"Send me one" means posting to me?

(Reply of reader on 21st Nov 2007)

Topic: Summary

Organized discussions and theories on topics of Saving Mankind are as follows.

We have discussed several entire nights and believe that they are significant.


Saving Human Being submits some challenging and severe problems; these topics were produced with strong thinking abilities with unimaginable brain and thinking abilities.

99% of all people can't reach such a kind of consensus. They may understand what the book describes, but can't result in a consensus. Many people have feudal and fixed ideas.

When holding this book, one may feel that he wants to jump from a skyscraper down to the ground.

Natural issuance of the book may be a hidden (concealed problem) and invisible (problem of systematic implementation) conceptional problem, so this book will have weak influence to readers.

Present people have low value opinions and take the present situation for granted, which is the living state of almost all people. They are in original and low states of "primitive whole survival" with more focus on the demands of routine living. Development of human beings has its immanent or fixed rhythms. When the rhythm is invoked, it will have a leaping change, which is proven by historic events.

We can summarize the more comprehensive results to utilize thinking to analyze various kinds of present information factors, while communication is also to accelerate the process of humane thinking developments. For example, our interpersonal communication can accelerate our thinking process. While the process is still going on even without communication, this process is slow. Potential things should be explored through communication. Communication is very valuable! Classic is resulted from communication. Our present discussion has values. It is able to fix a kind of consciousness into a frame, which is named physical theory. The things about consciousness are shifting and unable to be controlled, so a fixation can help comparative analysis and give necessary correction.

Firstly, do you approve of this book? Which point do you approve? A nice understanding of the book is the first thing. It is not enough to read 10 times. Read it comprehensively, in detail, intensively, and then value orientation will be decided. Great projects should not be treated like a playgame. It has only one center; the greatest problem of human beings is its total survival. All other things are based on this. Resolution to this problem has expansibility, while the ideas of Saving Mankind should not be absorbed in personal thinking.

Secondly, feasible and necessary theoretical attestation is an important key process of the practical process, and it should be implemented. This is an important task; we should work more.

But it is a terrible torture to believe blindly in one sound slogan. Its value lies in that there are people to practice it. If there is nobody to implement, this book becomes a scientific and objective theory, and all will be empty talks. It is just a dream without science, technology or actual behaviors. Concept of "it is the first thing for all human beings to survive" becomes just a dream and attractive talk. Science and technology is important in nature in the development process of changing human beings. "All things are inferior to science and technology"

Thirdly, orientation of actual strength of oneself.

We have no money, no power and no social background, but we can affect people around us. When thinking about our relationship, I met you casually and was affected by you. This is an unimaginable process. I think that this problem is a kind of potential strength. Our meeting resulted from magnetic effects, while Hu Jiaqi is the origin of magnetism. We can realize his excellent ideas, and then we become now magnetic origins."

With my own strengths, I can only become a person affected by ideas, and then affect people of abilities to implement them, just like what you did.

We possibly develop its core ideas and perfect them so as to be more plentiful and feasible. At the same time, we can understand that the ideas founded by this book will have more authors, one author will be better than another, and the central theory will be built on the frame of Saving Mankind. Mr. Hu has fought alone, but there will be a second Mr. Hu, there will be 4, 8 or 10 ones tomorrow, and all these people are for the  greatest problem of "Saving Mankind". We should strengthen mature thinking and develop this center with our own growths. All these attempts are laying a basic foundation of "it is the first thing for all human beings to survive".

Fourthly, implementation of a systematic system:

This is a great topic. The objective factors determine that we can only do something in with some certainty. I feel that human beings will surely improve, but there will be transition and transition, which will last a long time. It is not a life cycle. We can only do things in one life cycle. We can do things according to our thinking, but the key problem is that we have mastered no power. This systematic project should be implemented by people with both ideas and abilities; we can't finish these things by ourselves.

But I believe that there should be a preparation period, and our life cycle can only survive this preparation period (this problem is very objective and realistic). If we are eager to get results, we are sure to be broken by spiritual pressures before starting to work.

As for the importance of the systematic system, truth fears most of vanity. What is a systematic project? Why did we mention this concept? This is the feeling of speaking holistically. We need attestation between each other. Science, objectiveness, reality, intellectuality and nature are the foundations of attestation.

Exploration and cruel ideas shake and change your understanding into sharp theory. Only can deeper thinking processes occurs after shaking my theory. As for the systematic project, it is in our life cycle and necessary in it too, or else the talks above can be only rhetoric. So we should finish works in our life cycle without regrets, and we should fight systematically. The things beyond the life cycle may be a waste of energy; however, we still do them. It is right for us to start from the present day and to expand the periodic fruits in present time.

In modern time, thorough developments of the business of saving human being is to produce new history and leave wealth to our offspring.

I believe that what our generation can do is the systematic project of thinking; best works cover the communication and discussion about science, objectiveness, reality and intellectuality. We should know what stage we have reached, how many successful contents there will be, we should test out the actual quantitative concept in detail. The importance of a systematic project lies in that it can quantify and depict what and how we should do and how much projected effects it can have. A systematic project is comprehensive. We should not be eager for achievement, but rather finish each step carefully, since we can see that it can't be finished within the time of one life cycle. We should work it slowly, just like what we understand about exploration.  We should prepare topic to discuss and prove them slowly, and then we can attest the problem once found. This is a transition of a systematic project, and then we give summary finally. What we should do now is to find, realize and solve problems, and we’d better find, realize and solve several problems. This is an urgent affair, and the first thing we need to do. Hence, it is objective for us to face present realities. We should first solve problems and then finish the systematic project. It is obvious that we are facing with a present and objective reality needed to solve during the implementation period. So we need to produce a modern Systematic Project of Saving Mankind.

There will be many systematic projects in one idea, each representing a different problem to solve. There is classification of general and sectional systematic projects.

So we need exploration to accelerate our thinking, and there will be no late systematic projects without present exploration.

As for the separation of ideologies of human beings, there will be inevitable erroneous ideas. They exist, so we should accept their existence and then we can better master the present situation. Overemphasis on its irrationality is to deny the real objectiveness, which can hold back our thinking.

Survival of all human beings extends to the unification of humane spirits, so the changes of ideas are an important content that prefers science and technology to develop drastically. Human beings can't afford waiting for something. If we let ideological changes move naturally, it will result in the loss of several hundred years. The amount of our attempts in present days will determine that late people will search for historical references we have made. We should be responsible for them while being a scientific and objective model.

How to share the chapters in this book I bought one book, who else? It is difficult to persuade somebody to buy books; each person has different feelings about the same article.

As for the tendency of this book, "benefit is all things," I planned to spread ideas of this book through the internet, but I'm afraid to violate its rights. This is a conflict. For the sake of benefits of whole human being, you should neglect this income of publishing. Of course, our views are limited and unable to know the problems existing in publishing businesses.

As for the actual problem, we need to use effective ways to realize comprehensive communication. It is suffering when communicating with people buying books, so we should build more of an internet platform.

Our times are tense. While our life cycles are limited, we should find immediately relevant communication types and communication approaches so that the problem can be accentuated. We should have the actual problem found, and it is impossible to define the ideas one by one with only some people in order to discuss about them tomorrow. Communication can arrange many things stored in brains.


(Perhaps some of our dialogues are repeating your ideas, but they were said before we thoroughly read your books. So you'd should understand the repetition of some your ideas.)

All the above are representing ideas of each other.

Serious claim: you'd better not neglect our dialogue.

Idea of saving human beings should not be exceeded in one's own ideas.

Through discussions lasting several nights, we thought that these discussions were significant. We hope that you can consider our dialogues, and ponder about and correct each problem. If you show indifference to us, then the values of our discussions are just rhetoric, and your ideas can't be carried out. You will give us a feeling of "arrogance", and then you will lose the basic audiences.

We are calling out to human beings, and this is the greatest problem of human beings and a war relating to the survival or extinction of human being.


My final suggestion:  

I believe that this book is a scholastic and educated work with a serious attitude to pursue ones studies, so it should avoid unscientific and irrational terms such as using "deity and ghost" as a metaphor. I don't think it will affect this book to avoid such kinds of terms. In contrast, people like me felt repulsed after reading them. This is a scientific thing but uses inharmonious words. It will give bad effects to late people and others to define scientific and scholastic things with irrelative phrases and grammar. This is a kind of usage in traditional literature and novels, an abnormal leftover in ideology.

If we can't exceed traditional ideology, how can we eliminate it? I believe that such kinds of words are only for literature and novels rather than a scholastic and educated book with the serious attitude of pursuing one's studies.

People like us can understand the usage of grammar in literature and novels. But not all people can understand. We should not compare scientific and scholastic things to fables, which may result into unnecessary misleading. Some people are contradictive when treating science and superstition. They believe in the existence of deity, ghosts and science and universe.

Take my own experience as an example. We watched the film Journey to the West with one of my friends. I didn't know how to start this topic, but his final statement was impressive. He said that "It is true; there is really a person called Sun Wukong." I was at a loss of words by his ignorance.

This is an influential problem, which I hope you can accentuate.

I fail to find many of such kinds of terms in your works, and there is only one word of Deity. I believe that such a topic with great mission should not be compared to "deity". Of course you can understand this as a spiritual Deity, but not many people can understand this. I'm a common person living in a low social class, so I can see the problems in low society.

Take for example the terms from surface written by Liu Tingzhao: "Surface: obligation of one human being"

"Rainbow is my clothing while wind my horse, cloud goes down to me; the drums are sounding and the coach is going back, while many deities are standing there like a sesame field." The fairyland depicted by Lee Bai, the Fairy Poet, can be sensed in a relevant chapter of Saving Mankind.

It suddenly sends you to the time when Pangu opened the universe.

How can this kind of literal composition be used in a scientific and educated book with the serious attitude of pursuing one's studies? I hold this opinion whether you agree with me or not.


The afterglow induces one's memories while the dense fog makes person far away from homeland be homesick........


(My reply on 26th Nov 2007)

How are your things going? I had business trips recently so I read your mails late. Pardon me for my late reply.

I felt very happy to see your discussions since there are a group of people thinking about humane problems, which is a hopeful.

My research for these several years resulted in the conclusions of 4 aspects: science and technology are sure to eliminate human beings if they continue to develop at their present speed, and the time of elimination is not late; the resolution to the mentioned problem is to unify universally; what measure will we adopt to reach universal unification; and what kind of unified society should we build. You can think about the mentioned problems.

In addition, I type very slowly, so my reply is short. Sorry.


(Reply of reader on 28th Nov 2007)

Dear Sir:

Your approval is an encouragement to me. But this won't mean that I will negatively treat the problems of SavingMankind without your approval (since I have realized the significance of the existence of human beings before meeting you). We will still do the works of spreading ideas of Saving Mankind according to our strengths and orientation. Since you have different strengths in many aspects, you can unify and affect many intellectual people. Your attitude is sure to affect our motivation.

Only people such as us are thinking about human beings, and this is obviously not enough. It deserves no optimism with few hopes. We can understand this as "a tiny fire can lead to a furious fire that will burn the whole prairie. There are only several Chinese discussing about this, and foreigners have even fewer exploration and spreads of ideas.

I have been reading a book titled A Brief History of Time, written by British scientist Stephen William Hawking, which was published in September of 2007. I don't know if you have read it. I have read one significant sentence: "When human beings are seeking for answers to important problems then…"

I feel that you should have immediate communication with scientists on Earth researching the problems of the universe and human beings, etc, for they are so strong that national leaders have to follow their words sometime. You have the status and necessary conditions to dialogue with them.

I'm researching on your mentioned 4 problems (the article is still not completed). After consideration, I should answer your mentioned problems in brief. The further "research" needs my thinking, and then I will send it to you for correction.

Firstly, "science and technology are sure to eliminate human beings if they continue to develop at their present speeds, and the time of elimination is not late". After reading your first three chapters, I have realized comprehensively its possibility (I just have realized the atomic weapons before, and know nothing else due to my restricted living environments). Science and technology is a double edged sword, and the destructive measures to gain it are transitioned from groups to individual. I also believe that this is absolutely possible (I just realized the positive strengths of sciences before and ignore some negative strength). It seems to be absolutely possible for the extinction of human beings to result from suicide rather than Nature. As for this problem, after your macro- analysis and my objective consideration, my opinions are the same as yours. This is a problem absolutely tolerant of negligence.

Secondly, "the resolution to the mentioned problem is to unify universally."

As for this problem, I won't talk about its feasibility at first, but I will talk about "human beings must go into universal unification". I think that the production of this problem is revolutionary to all human beings, and also a problem which many people dare not and are also unwilling to talk about. I have thought dimly about this problem before, but I dared not and failed to think further. But now I realize it is necessary and the only road to unify human beings universally after analysis to your depictions.

Thirdly, "what measures will we adopt to reach universal unification?"

The nature of this problem is the problem of power when analyzed. Present powers are mastered in the hands of national leaders of each country, so it is necessary to boost the idea of unification into their minds. Several powerful leaders can increase the possibility of unifying human beings after accepting such ideas. So it is also an important thing to root such ideas into their minds. We should know their mentality. It is like a Chinese proverb, "we can win if know both my and the other's situation”. This is the work of experts researching on an international situation.

It is of course not enough to depend on the powers of leaders only. It is also necessary to spread the ideas of human beings' unification into minds of common people. I have mentioned that the unification of strengths of scientists is very important and necessary.


Fourthly, "What kind of unified society should we build?"

I have been thinking about this problem for a long time. Many factors such as reality, culture, idea, value and demand of human beings have evolutional developments on the basis of One Country with Double Political System produced by Deng Xiaoping. This should change into One Country with Many Political Systems (it is feasible both in the present international situation or problem of late human being unification), since the main difference between each country is the one of "traditional culture." The difference between cultures are sure to lead the different understanding etc, while One Country with Many Political Systems can better reduce the problem of human beings' unification.

One Country with Many Political Systems is just a transition of human beings' unification. The final performance should be Whole Country One Political System of human beings, for it is impracticable for the next era to realize Whole Country One Political System in each aspect of human beings; it needs a period of time to transition.

What we should do is to unify all factors possible in eliminating human being, which is a practicable problem.

As for how to realize One Country with Many Political Systems, I will further research on it. I think that you must understand the contents of this suggestion very well, which is the extension of One Country with Double Political Systems. The authorities are mastered in the UN. Others should be separated according to the present national arrangement, but the authority and management of separate regions should be greatly changed. The mental factors of human beings should have a period of adaptation.

It is also important and necessary to strengthen and develop the UN; I suggest we should start our works from the UN.

It is an obvious idea to realize Whole Country One Political System; a traditional estimate is that conditions in the 21st century will not be so satisfying. But it is not absolute, the late changes are very hard to expect. I also believe this opinion.


As for the mentioned aspects, you should fully perform your to status and abilities; I just speak some sweet words.

Due to my restricted social status, views and learning, I am not so comprehensive about the international situation, which leads to my limitation of views on some international problem, so you should tolerate and understand me. Thank you! I'm just a common person, but I want to do uncommon things for human beings. I'm not going this for fame or benefits, but rather the significance of living in this world.


(Letter of reader on 18th Nov 2007)


I'm sorry to answer you with delay of one day!

All my promotions are for sake of benefitting all humanity, so we have the same goal. Trying to finish a brand new historic mission, I'm not for simple favorites or interests. I can well understand the significance of this kind of thing. The promotion of your book is to spread worries about problems confronted by all human beings, so you should not be so polite.

My proverbs to saving human being:

Human being's inherent problem ——survival

Human being's eternal goal —— universe 

In order to make the only intellectual creature produced by Nature able to survive in the universe for a long time, we should consider problems with views of the inherent problem of human beings; understanding the significance of human beings to whole universe. We are a miracle of universe, and we are human beings and superior animals with intellects, only the animals without wisdom will become extinct. We should never wait for elimination, since I know that human beings have incomparable significance in the universe. So the emergence of human beings is epoch-making in the universe.

If there is nobody to do, promote or spread, if human being degenerates and becomes extinct, these are the sorrows of this intellectual species humanity. It is even the sorrow of the universe.

I also believe that what you have done is not for simple utility and common ends. You have better depicted problems confronted by human beings comprehensively, scientifically, rationally, objectively and naturally, which is a thorough description on fortune and fate of human beings.

This is common problem of all human being, so it is natural to need the people with feeling of missions to boost it. There are no national boundaries here. We have been a whole since the beginning, originating from this Earth. What is separated is ideology. But these ideologies are serious, and now we need to eliminate them and return to our whole, lust like what you depicted about "country, nation and religion etc". I absolutely agree with you.

As for "collected version of Saving Mankind is The Greatest Problem, which will publish in the end of nest month, tell me your postal address please so that I can mail you one book for you to have for correction," I will absorb all my friends to discuss the key problems submitted by Saving Mankind, and then arrange them into articles to send to you for communication after a regular time.


(Letter of 4th Dec 2007 from reader)

Dear Sir:

Sorry to waste your time. Recently I gave you my opinions about the topics of Saving Mankind. After communication with one web friend, I found that I can have you realize common opinions and opinions of different people about this (I think it is necessary to let you understand opinions of different people on this problem), and I hope you can give some inspiration to his final questions. Our dialogues are as follows:



Reading your many discussions in the Baidu bulletin bar, I know that you are a firm athiest, while your disputes to theism are also sharp and exact. You are a person with a nice idea field; you are sharp in this point. They are people brainwashing of the Deity with fixed ideas, so they deserve no education

I hope we can be friends; you are welcome to this website of Saving Mankind, which is This person is wise. He is sharp in the problem of human beings, and I have had communication with him several times about the problems of human beings. I hope you can join us and access my homepage to read dialogues between us about the problem of human beings, and I hope for your corrections.



Braising Pot:

It is over-praised

I read the first three chapters of the work of Hu Jiaqi; I feel that he is a person with a feeling of a mission. I'm sure that you approve and respect his opinions. In summary, I feel that he want to express the following problem:

Firstly, human beings are the product of movements of the universe and will eliminate finally with the principle of the universe

Secondly, as one human being, we should try our best to postpone the date of human beings' extinction.

So he has formed his feeling of mission. I don't know whether I understand you correctly.

If it is as such, as for the topic of final significance to human beings, I have thought about it when reading in junior middle school. I have written a small article titled Theory of the Mission of the Universe, but this process made me give up this kind of mission finally. I have the following ideas then:

The process of life was from inferior animals to superior ones and then to intellectual human beings, which is introduced by the principle of universe.

Secondly, why does the universal principle lead to wisdom? Does universe have a final goal needing intellectual life to obtain?

Thirdly, life is endowed with a mission as for the universe.

The following problem makes me very gloomy, what about things after humanity completes its mission? What is the significance of human being? And of the universe? If human beings exist just for the mission of whole universe, doesn’t humanity become a kind of tool?

I had to give up after thinking for 3 months.

Finally I have formed my present opinions

The significance of humanity lies in its existence. Although I agree that any person can get other significance, each person should have his own independent significance rather than be unified.

So as for topic of saving humanity, each human being should try his best to work and postpone the time of extinction, but as for the final fact, all humanity will become extinct sooner or later. If we try our best to do relevant things, we are perfecting the mission to create offspring, but I have no such kind of pressing feelings of this mission.

But his works are written well, I failed to see obvious error. We can find data on his website.



Yes, I approve and respect his opinions very much, which has originated our consensus on the problems of human beings. As a human being, I had such "profound" realizations before I met him. But my realization was accelerated and strengthened after I met him.

("Firstly, human being is product of movements of universe, and become extinct finally due to principle of universe")

Indeed, human beings are the product of movements of the universe, and will become extinct due to the principle of Universe. The emergence of life and human beings on Earth is both a necessity and accident of Earth. "Necessity" is because Earth is under the "best" conditions suitable for origins and evolvements of Earth, which has the conditions necessary for creatures. It is necessary also due to emergence of human beings.

"Accident" is because that it is the unimaginable from the view of complicated and grand Universe structure. In the grand universe, only Earth can produce and support living things, while Earth is "dust in dust" confronted with grand universe, so human beings are known simply as the accidental product of the universe. In uncountable stars in universe, only Earth can produce living things, so it is “accidental."

("Secondly, as one human being, we should try our best to postpone the date of human beings' extinction.")

However, in the universe, humanity is the product of the most complicated products, so it is the greatest and wisest species in the universe. We won't betray the creatures of the universe. The universe is very big, but it doesn't know it is so big. Human beings are insignificant, but the wisdom of human being is infinite and great.

If we become extinct within several hundred of thousand years due to our own factors, we really feel regret on the significance of "human beings", a kind of wise species, because the late time of universe is uncountable as for human beings. As intellectual creatures, we should try our best to extend the time for humanity's survival, for Earth is an impossible base for us to live on permanently. The final goal of human beings is to hope the universe and human beings can move into other galaxies from Earth. When fields of humanity will be depicted with a galaxy rather than the continent of Earth, we will hope for more with galaxy groups.

In the present 21st century, all of humanity should focus on the future after millions and millions of years. Presently, we can only anticipate their tiny potentials. They will break many natural principles and produce a new history of human beings. They will also create larger spaces and existential spaces for human beings, reducing the crisis of human being extinction to a minimum.

His feeling of mission is from deep realization to the universe and human beings, so you understand very well.  

As for the topic of the final significance of human beings, I have depicted the significance of human beings in the above passages.

("Firstly, living creatures from inferior animals to superior ones and then intellectual human being are led by the principle of the universe")

I think it is correct to understand this as such.

("Secondly, why does the principle of universe lead into intellectuality? Why have a universe with a final goal needing wise creature to obtain?")

Universe principle leads into intellectuality, which is accidental from the view of the ability of human beings to realize the whole world. Of course it is impossible for the universe to have a final goal needing intellectual creatures to obtain. Since it doesn't know its own existence, how will it have goals that need to be obtained by creatures? However, human beings need to have a goal, which still fails to say who needs us to obtain it. As a kind of intellectual species, human beings have existed yet, so they should perform their own values and significance well in possible situations.

("Thirdly, life is endowed with a mission for the universe.")

It is fantastic talk that life is endowed with a mission. If human beings fail to evolve into an intellectual species, the statement of being endowed with a mission has no foundation.

("The significance of humanity is its existence; I agree that anybody can get other significance, but each person should have his own independent significance.")

I feel that your your opinions on the formation of significance of human beings, are a kind of "correct" understanding to human beings, for I have also such kinds similar thinking.

But I also believe that each person is pursuing independent significance while the future of human beings won't last long. We should not deprive human beings of rights to enjoy existence due to its own factors; the natural factors are of course excluded.

So it is also necessary to unify in some significance. It is natural that each person should have his own independent significance. The unification is survival rights for all of later humanity, it is not spiritual unification. Unified humanity is in favor of rapid responses and prevention to whole threats of human beings. The present system of humanity is in a state of disunity, in favor of competing and fighting. Present people have no responses confronted with natural threats; if any, people will disagree with each other.

As one intellectual human being, we exist in this Universal space. We should perform more values and significance in every possible situation, because existence is to perform value and significance of existence, or the significance of wisdom is hard to perform.

As for your words "there have been no such kinds of pressing feelings", I can understand it.

Indeed, as for final fact, humanity will become extinct sooner or later due to its own irresistible universal strengths, but it is a thing after billions of billions of years (Actually I have thought about your opinions before. But as an intellectual human being, we should better perform our existential significance, which is necessary).

However, human beings may become extinct in the late future, which is possible. The future of human beings has infinite potentials while there are still a lot of uncertain factors. The present greatest threat is s

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