The Continuous Development of Science and Technology Will Definitely Make Humans Extinct Soon

Humanity is facing extinction, which is the conclusion from my study of nearly three decades, and it is not alarming. Natural extinction of humanity will happen billions of years later, but the threat of extinction we are facing is due to the non-rational development of science and technology.

I. The Means Of Extinction Are Inevitable.

The power of science and technology is enormous, and it can enhance human capacity by millions of times, or even thousands of millions of times. The electric transmission of information has increased the speed of long-distance communication between human beings by thousands of millions of times; while the large-scale computer has improved the computing capacity of human beings by hundreds of billions of times.

How many times has the capacity of self-destruction of humanity been improved by science and technology? Now a nuclear bomb could easily destroy a city of millions of people; the biological toxin transformed by use of transgenic technology is even more devastating than nuclear weapons. But no matter how terrible the means of destruction are, they will not extinguish human beings. Even if they are used together with all the nuclear weapons, they will destroy hundreds of billions of people and cause a nuclear winter, but will not result in the extinction of human beings (which is found by research of the relevant bodies). However, apparently the development of science has not reached its summit, and as long as science and technology does not stop developing, they will reach a higher level. Therefore, its destruction power will finally be able to extinguish human beings one day, which means that extinction means are inevitable. This is a relatively easy logic conclusion.

The above conclusion, i.e. the extinction means is inevitable, is actually agreed upon by the scientific community, but since the following problems did not draw widespread attention, science and technology has always been in non-rational development.

II. The Means of Extinction Will Be Used Definitely

When science and technology is so developed that it can produce the means of extinction, such means and developing technology will continue to spread. After the earliest extinction means appear, the second, third and even more extinction means will also appear in succession. The new extinction means will be more accessible, more powerful and more user-friendly for one person to operate independently, and it will be spread to the people who dare to use it sooner or later.

What is to be stressed is that humanity is not completely evolved. No matter how perfect the social system is, how strict the legal system is or how good the moral atmosphere is, they can only bind the community as a whole. It cannot guarantee one hundred percent that everyone is absolutely rational and will never do extremely bad things which would bring the end of human beings, even if it was only done once by someone.

III. Extinction Power Can Also Burst Out Unintentionally

In fact, extinction power will not only burst out because of intentional use, and it can also burst out even if no one makes intentional use of it.

Science and technology has one large feature, its uncertainty. We often think that the best scientific and technological achievements are the worst. This means that, as the development of science and technology reaches a level that can extinguish humans, the careless use of scientific and technological achievements as well as scientific experiments may lead unintentionally to the extinction power bursting out unexpectedly, thus putting humanity in the abyss leading to extinction.

Some idealists always wonder if we can avoid such accidents through high meticulousness. It actually is impossible! This is because uncertainty is the inherent characteristic of science and technology, and even Einstein and Newton had a lot of scientific errors. What is more, not everyone is as great as Einstein and Newton.

IV. Self-extinction Is In The Near Future

It now appears that a nuclear bomb could destroy a city of millions of people, and the transgenic biological toxins are even more harmful. In fact, such power is not far from the power needed to make humans extinct. Science and technology made its real start in the industrial revolution of the mid-18th century, only 200 years ago. It was in such a short span of 200 years that humans raised the level of science and technology from zero to the level nearly enough to make humans extinct. Today, the production speed of science and technology is much faster than that of the past, and it is in accelerated fission development. Most scientists believe that extinction means will occur in this century, and even within 30 or 50 years. Then, will it be long before the extinction power bursts out after extinction means occur?!

Therefore, the self-extinction of humanity is actually in the near future, and it is still late even if we take measures right now.

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