Communication with Mr. Lee Shunbao, a Shenzhen reader through Email in the end

(Letter from a reader on 22nd Nov 2007)

Mr. Hu Jiaqi,

Glad to meet you! I hope you can read my mail in your spare time and we can communicate with each other. These attempts would be useful.

The topic of saving human beings is a great one. It is easy to make people ponder this question with the universal view, which hopes to advocate and suggest that humanity manages to realize the seriousness of this problem and take action. However, the long human civilization history has evolved as such that the crisis named "kind and enmity" and "thinking conflicts" etc are profound. How do we eliminate these crises in the shortest time? The biggest barrier to eliminate the crisis is the partition of a national region which greatly hinders the comprehensive communication, thinking intercourses and elimination of the kind and enmity among different civilizations. In addition, after national governments filter various kinds of information, the received information is all in favor of confirmation of nationalism, while the mass becomes a greater supporter of the national and governmental benefits.

The different nations are like opponents. Can opponents fail to compete with each other? Unless individuals have cultivated superior morals and influence the other parties, the best competition is cooperation. Even if each person has this kind of "intention", nobody will fully trust others' "intention", so an "agency" is needed. This agency should be no representative of the political team benefits, for the latter are hard to improve its moral levels immediately. So it should come from the civil world. He who has the required intention and actions will become the emissary of human sunshine. The approaches of saving human beings include only the official and civil ones.

Human beings' salvation involves each aspect of human actions; all will work with the guarantee of social systems, while the communist system can be a reference. The civil approach centralized with "enterprise" needs to go first so as to improve the practicality of saving human beings. The enterprise management system is the ideological representation of the enterprise initiator. While one enterprise is one mini-society, we need to research on the enterprise management system as the ideological chief source of "saving human being" so as to spread into the whole society. If we intend to benefit all the common people, the business of saving human beings is sure to succeed soon.


(My reply on 26th Nov 2007)

Mr. Lee,

I just came back, for I have been gone for business trip, so I read your letter just now. I'm sorry to give you a late reply.

I have drawn 4 conclusions after having thought for these many years: that science and technology is sure to annihilate human beings soon if it continues to develop at present states; only humanity's universal unification can solve the problem mentioned above; what we should do to realize a universal unification; what a universally unified society we should build. You can think about these 4 problems.

As I type very slowly, my reply is very short, forgive me. In addition, I will publish a new book at the end of this year.

Tell me your address please, so that I can mail you a book later.

Yours sincerely                    

Mr. Hu Jiaqi


(Reply of the reader on 6th Dec 2007)

Mr. Hu Jiaqi,

How are your things going? I will give my description from my personal knowledge and ideas about the issues you mentioned and pondered as follows:

Firstly, science and technology is sure to annihilate human beings soon if it continues to develop at present states.

Human beings also have creativity, so the natural sciences are mastered by us. Due to this direction in development, human civilization has prospered so much today. Science and technology is a mixed blessing with its own principles. If it is mastered by a proper spiritual civilized society, we needn't worry about it. History has betrayed that the continuous development of science and technology have led to human civilization, while science and technology also continue when we realize, master and utilize them. We should worry about a humane spiritual civilization. Only when science and technology develop greatly can humane civilization be improved.

Secondly, only humanity's universal unification can solve the problem mentioned above.

It is a nice thing if the world is was universally unified; the key to it is the consensus of ideas and harmonious cooperation. If an extra-terrestrial reaches Earth some day, we should gain consensus with them and get good on terms with them.

Thirdly, only humanity's universal unification can solve the problem mentioned above.

Fourthly, what universally unified society should we build? You can think about these 4 problems.

Due to the historical causes, weakness of human nature and the influences of different ideals and moral levels, it is difficult to directly unify in a political aspect, so we hope that the political teams should continuously struggle. In the same time, we need to build a harmonious system-oriented society to spread into whole world from aspects of ideas and actions so as to get universal realization and expectation. Only an actual highly-civilized social system can show the whole world that all things are OK. As for our individual person, what we should do is to respond to and boost the constructions of a harmonious society.

As for what kind of a harmonious society we will build, its frame has been available; and then what we should is to utilize these into each detail of social action. One enterprise is a small version of human society, so we should work hard on the enterprise systems and build a set of enterprise systems with high responsibility. But all these works should be finished by the people or teams with comprehensive international views and strong thinking and action abilities.

Lee Shunbao

I'm willing to devote all I have for the harmonious development of human civilization. 


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