Lui Kin Hang 2008

Hello Mr. Hui,

First of all, sorry for typing this email in English, because it will take me so much time to type it in Chinese.

I am still reading the book. It's fascinating. The last part about proper application of scientific knowledge really appeals to me. I am not a scientist, but back a few years time I got a similar "sense" that there's something wrong with our scientific progress.

Originally I plan to write this email after reading up the whole book. But your ideas about UFO phenomenon, the third encounters and alien abductions urge me to write this early review.

I don't want to say whether your ideas are "right" or "wrong", because I believe there is no one knows the whole picture. Frankly to say, what you mention in your book about all these phenomenon shows there is still a huge room for you to explore. You can dig deeper to get nearer to the truth. Here I suggest you to research into the following topics:

1. Disclosure Project

Who're involved in the project?

What's the credentials of those involved?

What testimonials are given in their press conferences?

2. Philip J. Corso

What's the credential of this guy?

How he related to the Roswell Incident?

What about extra-terrestrial intelligence was disclosed in his book "The Day after Roswell"?

How his death related to the publication of his book?

What's the possibility that this guy was untrustworthy?

3. Nick Pope

What's the credential of this guy?

How he investigated UFO sighting reports?

What's his main conclusion?

4. Gordon Cooper

Please find out his outspoken statements and interviews about UFO and alien existence from the major US news media

If you are really objective in analyzing UFO or alien phenomenon, I am confident that you will not find all the above as irrelevant or valueless. Take time to investigate these topics. After that we can have more in-depth discussion.

On the other hand, I think your opinions about the extra-terrestrial intelligence are over-conservative. This topic is so special that if we fix our mind on the "Earth standard of life" it's difficult to get meaningful conclusions. You can put in some cutting-edge theories in the book in order to give readers room of exploration. For example, the idea of multiverse can solve the grandfather paradox and at the same time be one of the candidates in explaining the third or fourth encounter. Or, have you heard that some UFO researchers suggested that the passenger of UFOs are "humanoids", i.e. man-like robots, instead of pure organic organism?

In short, in dealing with the topic of extra-terrestrial intelligence and the other related topics, what we need is out-of-the-box thinking. Frankly there are too much limitations in the book under the name of scientific objectivity. Even Stephen W. Hawking, as a scientist, is more imaginative.

Nevertheless, your book is worth reading, especially to those leaders in economic and political power. If we really "progress" in the way most people want, I doubt how large is our chance of survival in the coming centuries. It's sad that we may be extinct because of our invention, our "intelligence" but very few of us can foresee this and speak up.

After finishing my reading, I will share more ideas with you. Until then, I expect your reply.

Wish you a peaceful Sunday.


Lui Kin Hang, Taylor

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