Communication with Yun Ya Hu Ke, a reader in 2009

(Letter on 25th Jan 2009 sent by a reader)

Happy New Year:

Your website was found to be unable to open in former days; I thought that it didn't work. It still failed after several days; I suspected that the domain name was changed. I changed the domain name from "jiaqihu" to "hujiaqi", and then the website was accessible.

I don't want to especially congratulate you on a new year in this letter or inquire why your website failed to access. I would like suggest that this idea was available earlier, and I forgot to depict it in my last letter. Then I will depict it now.

As for a channel to spread your book, I think that schools are nice choice. If your book becomes optional reading for students, it will influence more and better. I give cause for this as follows:

I think each person will not be strange but rather very familiar with schools, for each person has experiences in school. It is absolute that if your book becomes an optional or textbook in schools, your expectation of "each person can read this book" will almost realize. Each person will enter schools after birth, so if your book becomes an optional or textbook in schools, each person can read it. This book will be able to influence even more, for students in schools are masters of late society. The students in schools are easy to accept new ideas, not like people joining society who are harder to accept new ideas and difficulty fight against the new idea. So we should give nice theoretical foundations starting at the time of school. Almost each person will join society after entering schools; I think it is very good and fast to give them a theoretical foundation when they are in school.

This suggestion has some strengths that are hard to depict. The remaining thing is whether this suggestion can implement in school. It is better if it can implement in the whole world. Presently, most countries are very open; I don't think it will be difficult to implement this suggestion.

As for detailed implementation, I have thought a lot, but I think the first thing is to persuade you to accept this suggestion. If you adopt this, you can naturally think about the detailed implementation measures without my description. If you can't accept this suggestion, I think I will spend no more time saying more about it. But I think this is a nice idea.


(My reply on 20th April 2009)

Dear Sir,

Glad to meet you! Send me your new postal address please; my lecture disc will be published soon, so I want to send you a set. In addition, my website will change a lot after one month, while my blog will open too; my opinions will be spread in 4 kinds of languages including English, Chinese, Russian and French. Pay attention to them, please. Present results show me that my spread works have some effects, and they will have great achievements in this year. Thank you for your support these several years!

Hu Jiaqi


(Reply of reader on 23rd Apr 2009)

Thank you for your concern:

My residential address fails to change; the address I sent you last time is a permanent one. I can receive it whenever you send it to me, and I was informed where I am, for it is my home.

If your website changes, please inform me so that I can make preparations. I have always been concerned about your businesses.

As for results of your spread works, I think it is inspiring information, despite my spread works having no achievements. But these fail to change my determination to follow you in my heart. My support to you won't change whatever else changes in the world.

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